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Corpus Christi Product Liability Lawyers

Texas Attorneys Representing Victims Injured by Dangerous Products and Auto Parts

When you think about the sheer number of products that we use every day, from home appliances to children’s toys to motor vehicles, it becomes apparent that we frequently put our well-being in the hands of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. While most consumer products serve their purpose and present few or no problems, others can cause serious harm. Defective products can cause catastrophic injuries and the wrongful deaths of numerous consumers.

The Edwards Law Firm is committed to the protection of consumer rights across the U.S., and that includes the right to use products that are reasonably safe, contain proper warning labels, and are properly designed and manufactured. Our Corpus Christi product liability attorneys are passionate about assisting consumers who have suffered harm from defective products, and we are ready to see how we can help you.

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Types of Product Liability Cases We Handle

A product may have a manufacturing defect or design defect, or it may be improperly marketed. Any one or more of these scenarios may expose innocent consumers to significant harm, and our Corpus Christi product liability lawyers are here to see that such egregious wrongs are made right.

We take on product liability cases involving:

  • Airbags, tires, brakes, and other motor vehicle parts
  • Children’s products, such as toys and car seats
  • Home appliances and electronics
  • Maritime equipment and machinery
  • Construction tools and equipment

Regardless of the type of product that has caused you harm, we may be able to assist you in holding the manufacturer or another at-fault party responsible. With a history of representing the injured that extends back to 1962, we have the experience to handle the most challenging and complex product liability matters.

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