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Corpus Christi Product Liability Lawyers

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Nueces County Product Liability Attorneys for Victims Injured by Dangerous Products and Defective Auto Parts

People use multiple types of products on a daily basis, and they trust that the manufacturers of these products have taken the necessary measures to protect their health and safety. Unfortunately, defective or dangerous products are often made available to the public, and they can cause multiple types of serious injuries. Victims who have been injured by defective products may be able to take legal action to pursue financial compensation for the damages they have suffered, including the costs of their medical treatment, the income they have lost due to their injuries, and the pain and suffering they have experienced.

Victims of injuries that were caused by defective products will want to secure representation from a personal injury attorney who can help them determine their options for pursuing compensation. The Edwards Law Firm provides legal help to those who have been harmed by these types of products, and we work to ensure that they will be fully compensated for their injuries. Our lawyers have more than 100 years of combined experience. With our strong understanding of product liability laws and our record of success obtaining compensation for our clients, we can help injury victims take the correct steps to achieve justice.

Legal Help With Multiple Types of Defective Products

When a person is injured by a product that was defective, they may seek compensation from the product's manufacturer or a distributor or retailer that knowingly allowed a dangerous product to be sold or delivered. Product liability cases may address design defects in which inherent issues with a product made it inherently dangerous or manufacturing defects in which problems during the manufacturing process caused a product to be unsafe. A victim may also pursue compensation for injuries that occurred because a manufacturer or retailer did not provide warnings about the risks of using a product or the proper instructions for how to use a product safely.

We assist with product liability cases involving issues such as:

  • Defective airbags - While airbags are meant to provide protection to drivers and passengers in car accidents, they can cause serious injuries if they do not operate correctly, including when they explode or fail to deploy.
  • Defective brakes - The failure of brakes can cause a driver to be unable to avoid a collision, resulting in serious injuries to themselves, their passengers, and people in other vehicles.
  • Defective tires - If a vehicle's tires are designed defectively or have not been installed correctly, they may not provide the proper traction, or they may explode, leading to rollover accidents or other types of collisions.
  • Defective children's products - Toys, cribs, changing tables, high chairs, baby products, and other items that are defective or dangerous can cause serious or permanent injuries to children.
  • Defective home appliances and electronics - Faulty wiring in items such as refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, air conditioners, furnaces, or electronic devices can lead to electrocution injuries or fires.
  • Defective construction tools and equipment - The failure of tools or equipment used on construction sites, such as ladders, power tools, or heavy machinery, can lead to workplace injuries.
  • Defective maritime equipment and machinery - Workers on boats, longshoremen, and those who work at docks or shipyards may suffer maritime injuries due to problems with equipment.

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Our attorneys can help you take legal action against the manufacturer of a defective product or any other party that was responsible for your injuries. We will work to gather the necessary evidence to establish liability, and we will fight to make sure you will be fully compensated for your damages. Contact us and schedule a free consultation by calling 361-698-7600. We assist with product liability cases in Nueces County, Portland, Robstown, Corpus Christi, Kingsville, Port Aransas, Alice, Aransas Pass, and Rockport.

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