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The Edwards Law Firm is here to help if you lost a spouse, child, parent, or other loved one in a preventable accident or any situation that was caused through no fault of their own. This type of loss creates indescribable trauma for an entire family, and we know that taking legal action may be the last thing on your mind.

A wrongful death action can, however, offer a way to seek justice in your loved one’s name. It can bring peace knowing that the at-fault party has been held accountable. It can even help with funeral costs, the loss of your loved one’s earnings, and other losses to help you build a more stable future for your family. Our Corpus Christi wrongful death lawyers can offer insight regarding your options and your rights during this difficult time. We will provide an honest, caring assessment to help you make the right choices.

Who Gets the Money in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Determining who can receive compensation from a wrongful death claim is largely dependent on who is eligible to file a lawsuit under Texas law.

In Texas, the following individuals can recover money from a wrongful death lawsuit:

  • Spouse: The surviving spouse of the deceased is eligible to file a wrongful death claim and be compensated for their loss.
  • Children: Young and adult children can file a wrongful death claim
  • Parents: In addition to being able to file a wrongful death of a biological child, a parent is also allowed under Texas law to file a claim for the death of an adopted child.
  • Personal Estate: If none of the surviving beneficiaries have filed a wrongful death claim within three months of the date of death, the executor of the deceased person's estate can file a claim.

A wrongful death claim can be filed by an individual or group of people. It is also important to note that siblings (biological or adopted) cannot file a wrongful death claim.

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Types of Wrongful Deaths

A wrongful death is any loss of life stemming from the negligent or wrongful acts of an individual or corporation. Even when completely accidental, if a death is caused by a failure to provide proper care, this may give surviving family members viable grounds for a wrongful death action.

The following are examples of scenarios that may lead to wrongful death:Car Accident Fatality

These examples only scratch the surface of the different types of wrongful death claims. If you've lost your loved one due to another person's negligence or recklessness, then it is time to speak with an attorney. Our attorneys will not only fight to get you maximum compensation but to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

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Serving Corpus Christi and all of Texas, our wrongful death attorneys take on cases involving truck accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, workplace injuries, defective products, and all types of incidents that cause lives to be lost. Ethical, honest, and committed to results, we are here for you and your family.

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  • Refinery - Fell into Tank $11,500,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Death | Net to Client: $6,842,546.09 | Attorney Fees: $3,500,000.00 | Expenses: $157,453.91

  • Premises Negligence $10,750,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Head Injury | Net to Client: $7,166,666.67 | Attorney Fees: $3,583,333.33 | Expenses: $0

  • 18 Wheeler $9,660,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Death | Net to Client: $6,337,277.94 | Attorney Fees: $3,197,915.63 | Expenses: $124,806.43

  • 18 Wheeler $9,000,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Head Injury | Net to Client: $5,069,061.09 | Attorney Fees: $3,600,000.00 } Expenses: $330,938.91

  • Defective Truck $8,200,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Death | Net to Client: $6,308,812.01 | Attorney Fees: $1,840,544.68 | Expenses: $50,643.31

  • Premises Liability $7,810,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Rape | Net to Client: $5,156,632.89 | Attorney Fees: $2,602,943.48 | Expenses: $50,423.63

  • Seat-belt/Rollover $7,535,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Brain Injury | Net to Client: $4,037,523.89 | Attorney Fees: $3,014,000.00 | Expenses: $483,476.11

  • 18 Wheeler $7,000,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Death/Serious Injury | Net to Client: $4,094,098.23 | Attorney Fees: $2,800,000.00 | Expenses: $105,901.77

  • Seatback Failure $6,625,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Head Injury | Net to Client: $3,414,561.37 | Attorney Fees: $2,650,000.00 | Expenses: $560,438.63

  • Oilfield Accident $5,842,228.75 Total Recovery

    Injury: Death | Net to Client: $3,441,771.42 | Attorney Fees: $2,314,953.94 | Expenses: $85,703.38

  • Tire Defect/Seatbelt $5,820,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Death/Head/Ortho | Net to Client: $2,917,287.51 | Attorney Fees: $2,328,000.00 | Expenses: $574,712.49

  • Products/Medical Malpractice $5,629,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Paraplegic | Net to Client: $2,987,859.17 | Attorney Fees: $2,251,600.00 | Expenses: $389,540.83


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