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When they deploy properly, airbags can prevent catastrophic injuries and save lives. If they are defective, however, they can cause more harm than good. Unnecessary deployment, airbag rupture, and failed deployment are examples of defects that can jeopardize the safety of drivers and passengers alike.

The Edwards Law Firm represents victims of defective airbags in Corpus Christi and throughout Texas. Known for providing ethical advocacy and our ability to obtain results in the most challenging product liability matters, we are positioned to deliver the legal representation you need. Attorneys William R. Edwards and Billy Edwards are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and Billy Edwards is Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law. Board Certification is granted to few Texas attorneys and is an indication of professionalism, results, integrity, and ethics. Contact a Corpus Christi airbag defect lawyer at our firm today by calling 361-320-6752.

Types of Airbag Defects

Today's vehicles are required to be built with airbags. Many have front and side impact airbags, and these can protect a driver and passengers from suffering serious harm in an auto accident. Even certain motorcycles come equipped with airbags. If these do not function properly, however, their entire purpose is for naught. The following are examples of potentially dangerous airbag defects:

  • Failure to inflate
  • Late airbag deployment
  • Unnecessary airbag deployment
  • Airbag rupture

Such defects can cause traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, facial trauma, lacerations, and even death.

Talk to an Attorney About Your Defective Airbag Claim

After an accident, it can be difficult to know whether you have a viable case against an airbag manufacturer or another party for your injuries. Through a meticulous investigation, we can uncover the true cause of your collision and your injuries to determine who should be brought to justice. Our Corpus Christi attorneys represent victims of defective airbags in cartruck, and motorcycle accidents.

Call 361-320-6752 or contact us online today to schedule a free, confidential review of your airbag defect claim. We serve clients in Corpus Christi, Robstown, Portland, Alice, Aransas Pass, Rockport, Port Aransas, and throughout Nueces County and the surrounding areas.

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