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We’re on the Job with Refinery & Workplace Injuries

Refinery and chemical plant on-the-job injuries can occur as the result of many things, including poor training, defective equipment, cuts to safety spending, and other company actions. Workers should not have to suffer the consequences of poor company decisions. Companies that are responsible for such injuries should be held accountable. It’s important that they provide for those injured and the families of those killed.

At The Edwards Law Firm, our Corpus Christi work injury lawyers know refinery and worksite injury case law. We work to ensure our clients’ needs are fully met. This not only includes appropriate funds to cover loss of income, medical expenses, and ongoing care for employees who survived, but fair life benefits for the surviving families of employees who have lost their lives.

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Types of Workplace Accident & Injury Cases We Handle

The Edwards Law Firm has helped numerous workers and families in Corpus Christi and throughout Texas in work accident and injury cases. One client was terribly burned in a refinery explosion. Another died when a container lid collapsed at a chemical plant. Both suffered needlessly due to bad decisions made by supervisors or high-ups. Both families got our best legal efforts from day one. And both received compensation to meet their needs in order to move ahead with their lives – all thanks to our dedicated team.

We continue to help many facing this issue, including those who were hurt or killed by:

Workers' Compensation is a No-Fault System

All workers in Texas should understand that workers’ compensation is based on a “no-fault” system. This means that all injuries or illnesses that occur through the scope of employment (i.e., one’s specific job duties, job functions, or physical workplace), are covered by workers’ comp.

As an injured worker, you don’t have to prove that your employer was negligent or responsible for the causation of your accident; all you and your attorney have to show is that the injury, illness, or condition was directly the result of your work. You can even claim benefits if you caused your own work injury, with some exceptions, such as being intoxicated or horseplaying around.

Getting the Results You Need

At The Edwards Law Firm, we develop all of our workplace injury claims for a successful trial, complete with expert testimony proving fault and the extent of damages involved. At-fault parties are known to make full settlement offers to avoid going against our Corpus Christi workplace injury attorneys in trial.

If your injury is the result of safety negligence in the workplace, contact The Edwards Law Firm to see if you have a case. We have successfully represented many clients who have been hurt on the job, and we make it our business to go up against large and powerful corporations who are only interested in their bottom line.

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Additional Information

  • Refinery - Fell into Tank $11,500,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Death | Net to Client: $6,842,546.09 | Attorney Fees: $3,500,000.00 | Expenses: $157,453.91

  • Premises Negligence $10,750,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Head Injury | Net to Client: $7,166,666.67 | Attorney Fees: $3,583,333.33 | Expenses: $0

  • 18 Wheeler $9,660,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Death | Net to Client: $6,337,277.94 | Attorney Fees: $3,197,915.63 | Expenses: $124,806.43

  • 18 Wheeler $9,000,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Head Injury | Net to Client: $5,069,061.09 | Attorney Fees: $3,600,000.00 } Expenses: $330,938.91

  • Defective Truck $8,200,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Death | Net to Client: $6,308,812.01 | Attorney Fees: $1,840,544.68 | Expenses: $50,643.31

  • Premises Liability $7,810,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Rape | Net to Client: $5,156,632.89 | Attorney Fees: $2,602,943.48 | Expenses: $50,423.63

  • Seat-belt/Rollover $7,535,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Brain Injury | Net to Client: $4,037,523.89 | Attorney Fees: $3,014,000.00 | Expenses: $483,476.11

  • 18 Wheeler $7,000,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Death/Serious Injury | Net to Client: $4,094,098.23 | Attorney Fees: $2,800,000.00 | Expenses: $105,901.77

  • Seatback Failure $6,625,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Head Injury | Net to Client: $3,414,561.37 | Attorney Fees: $2,650,000.00 | Expenses: $560,438.63

  • Oilfield Accident $5,842,228.75 Total Recovery

    Injury: Death | Net to Client: $3,441,771.42 | Attorney Fees: $2,314,953.94 | Expenses: $85,703.38

  • Tire Defect/Seatbelt $5,820,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Death/Head/Ortho | Net to Client: $2,917,287.51 | Attorney Fees: $2,328,000.00 | Expenses: $574,712.49

  • Products/Medical Malpractice $5,629,000 Total Recovery

    Injury: Paraplegic | Net to Client: $2,987,859.17 | Attorney Fees: $2,251,600.00 | Expenses: $389,540.83


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