Lawyers Aren’t Above the Law







We are aware that there are some unethical attorneys operating in our world. Our firm is committed to raising the ethics bar on the legal profession. In fact, all of our attorneys are leaders in advocating strong ethical conduct for attorneys.

Barratry (ambulance chasing or case running) is the practice of illegal solicitation – when lawyers aggressively and dishonestly solicit clients when they are at their most vulnerable. It’s a felony. It includes offering money or gifts to injured people, their families or their friends for hiring a particular attorney. Barratry is bad for people who need lawyers; it hurts ethical lawyers and corrupts the legal system. Bill Edwards helped to write and pass the only law in the nation that allows victims of barratry to sue these unethical attorneys for a $10,000 civil penalty, actual damages, and attorney’s fees.

Contact us if you’ve been the target of this type of unethical behavior and we’ll help you hold unethical attorneys accountable.