Our Clients Always Come First


Sure, you want to make sure your lawyer has the credentials to take your case. But your case is not about us. It’s about you. You can feel confident in the knowledge that the award-winning attorneys at The Edwards Law Firm have many combined years of experience in handling personal injury law cases just like yours.

Some of our cases have even improved safety measures for the general public, and effected laws that prevent future injuries. That’s the kind of commitment we make to our clients and the community.

Ethical Standards Are Our Backbone

Honest practices make for a lasting business. Attorneys are the first line of defense for those who have been injured, so we take the trust our clients place in us very seriously.

William Edwards Sr. founded the Edwards Law Firm with this principle, and his legal work backed up this philosophy. From an early case fighting for civil justice in the courtroom, to helping pass a law against attorney “ambulance chasing”, the firm holds its own lawyers and the legal profession to the highest standards possible.

The Right Attorneys for Your Case

If you are seeking a strong legal advocate to help you after an unexpected accident or an injury, call on our team of award-winning attorneys. We thoroughly investigate all aspects of a case so we can accurately determine the cause. Then we effectively litigate so we can seek proper compensation from responsible parties – so all of your income, medical, home care and independent living needs are met. We certainly look forward to serving you.

Our Attorneys


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William R. Edwards III



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