Caliche Spill Sends Car Head-on with Big Rig

Joel was seriously hurt when his Nissan Altima hit a patch of caliche on the roadway and skidded out of control into the path of an on-coming 18-wheeler. The caliche had spilled from the bottom of a tractor-trailer in front of him. We sued the truck owner, who was aware of three previous spills by his trucks that caused accidents. Our settlement will cover Joel’s substantial medical costs and also compensate him for pain, suffering and other losses.

Joel was severely and permanently injured when his Nissan Altima skid out of control after hitting a patch of caliche that had suddenly spilled from the bottom of a tractor-trailer ahead of him. The skid threw Joel’s car into the path of an oncoming semi that ripped Joel’s car in half.

Our evidence showed that the company that owned the truck knew of at least three other incidences in the previous 37 months of its dump-style rigs suddenly losing their loads on highways. One of the incidences caused another car to spin out of control and roll over. Yet the company failed to take adequate steps to keep these kinds of crashes from happening.

Knowingly or recklessly putting the public at risk this way is against the law. We sued on Joel’s behalf and obtained a settlement that would pay his past and future medical expenses, and compensate him for lost income and pain and suffering from his injuries.

We sent a clear message to truck companies everywhere: when your drivers and trucks are on the road, you have a responsibility to make sure they are not putting other drivers at risk.