Nueces County Car Crash Lawyers for Injuries Caused by Dangerous Roads and Intersections

When driving, people usually accept some level of risk, and they understand that they may be injured in car accidents. However, when a person is involved in a collision, they deserve to be compensated for their damages, and they can take legal action against the person or parties who were responsible for their injuries. While negligent drivers are often at fault, accidents can also occur for other reasons, including because of dangerous roads, highways, or intersections. In these cases, victims may be able to pursue compensation from a government agency or other parties who failed to take the proper measures to protect their safety.

Car accident cases involving dangerous highways can be complicated, and multiple parties may be partially responsible for causing a collision. To ensure that the legal issues in these cases are addressed correctly, victims will want to be sure to have representation from a lawyer who understands the applicable laws and has experience with complex personal injury matters. At The Edwards Law Firm, our team has more than 100 years of combined legal experience, and we have assisted clients with multiple different types of car accident and injury cases. We work to ensure that victims can take the proper steps to respond to their injuries and receive financial compensation that fully addresses the damages they have suffered.

Collisions Caused by Dangerous Conditions on Roads and Highways

When car accidents take place because of dangerous highways, government organizations may be liable. A city government may be responsible for accidents on local roads or intersections, while state or federal government organizations may be liable for collisions on interstate freeways or other highways. Specific rules and procedures must be followed when pursuing claims against government organizations, and these claims must be filed within the applicable time limits.

Accidents on dangerous roads and highways may occur because of issues such as:

  • A road that has not been properly maintained may have large potholes, cracks in the pavement, or other defects. These may cause drivers to lose control, or collisions may occur when a person swerves to avoid these defects.
  • A poorly-designed freeway interchange may cause traffic to back up or slow down unexpectedly, and this may lead to rear-end collisions or other dangerous accidents.
  • Obstacles near the road may block a person's view at an intersection, making it impossible for drivers to see oncoming traffic and make turns or proceed through the intersection safely.
  • If a construction zone does not include the proper signs to direct drivers through changing traffic patterns, or if the work being performed causes safety issues such as a collapsing roadway, accidents may occur, or drivers may be unable to avoid a collision.
  • Failure to address weather conditions may make a road dangerous. For example, failure to clear snow from roads or take the proper measures to address ice may make it difficult or impossible for drivers to drive safely.
  • Highways may have multiple types of design issues that make them dangerous, such as corners that are too sharp, lanes that are too narrow, entrances or exits that are unmarked, or steep drop-offs on a road's shoulder without the proper guardrails.
  • Highways may be dangerous because of improper or missing road markings or signs, inadequate lighting, defective traffic signals, fallen tree branches or other debris in the road, or improper drainage that results in flooding.

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If you have been injured in a collision that was caused by a dangerous road or highway, our attorneys can help you take legal action to recover compensation. We will make sure you meet all requirements during your case to ensure that you can hold a local, state, or federal government organization responsible for your damages. Contact us today at 361-320-6752 for a free consultation. We provide legal help with complex car accident cases in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas, including Robstown, Nueces County, Portland, Alice, Rockport, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, and Kingsville.

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