When Rig Side Step Fails, Worker Pays Price in Health and Livelihood

Jorge suffered serious injuries when a side step located high in the rig crashed to the ground, striking him in the head. Our investigation found the step had been improperly hinged and welded, causing it to fall. The oil field company quickly settled, allowing the family to pay bills, get back on their feet financially, and provide the high quality medical care Jorge will need.

Poor repair jobs on oil drilling rigs can put workers at great risk. Such was the case for Jorge . As he was working on the floor of a rig in East Texas, a poorly hinged and welded metal side step collapsed and crashed to the ground, striking him in the head.

Jorge suffered serious, permanent head, neck and shoulder injuries. He couldn’t work or pay his mounting medical bills. His family came to the Edwards Law Firm for help.

Our investigation showed that not only were the hinges on the side step improperly oriented, putting it at risk of sliding off, but only a bead of weld was applied as the stop gap measure to stop such a slide. Both errors were grossly negligent, according to our experts.

After seeing our evidence, the welding company quickly offered Jorge a settlement. Although it won’t heal his injuries, it will help him and his family get back on their feet financially, and will provide for the high-quality medical care he will need.

Oil field companies have legal and moral obligations to keep workers as safe as possible. Among those is reviewing the quality of repairs or alterations to a rig or equipment to ensure they’ve been done properly. In Jorge’s case, the welding company didn’t do that, and Jorge paid the price. When an oil field accident happens, you need experts to find the truth and hold the companies at fault accountable.