Getting to the Bottom of Oil Field Accidents







The upswing in oil and gas drilling across the United States has resulted in an unexpected rise in worker deaths and injuries. These injuries are often caused by unsafe working conditions and having workers in the field for extended hours. Oil and gas industry-related worker fatalities are almost always preventable, so full investigations are vital.

Our legal team has extensive experience investigating and proving fault in oil refinery accidents involving:

  • Chemical and Steam Burns
  • Fires
  • Chemical Spills
  • Falls
  • Explosions
  • Toxic Gas Release
  • Maintenance and “Turnaround” Accidents

Navigating the Legal System After an Accident

While out in the field, employee safety is extremely important for companies to continue operating effectively and efficiently. Understand that your employer is required to have certain safety rules and regulations in place, and that you have rights if you happen to be injured on the job. If you are hurt, don’t go at it alone. Many companies will try to settle quickly to avoid drawn out court cases and litigation, sometimes offering to settle for less money than you need to pay your medical expenses.

The Edwards Law Firm is a national firm that reliably and effectively takes on oil field operators when they are at fault. We use a team of trained forensic and safety consultants to go full circle in investigating these oil field injury accidents. We get to the bottom of what really happened and who was responsible. Then we litigate effectively to help severely injured workers or the families of workers who have lost their lives. We have a proven track record in determining what happened and why, and then obtaining fair recovery and awards for our clients. Hopefully as a result of our findings, future injuries can be prevented and lives saved.