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Hazards Faced by Maritime Workers

hazards faced by maritime workers infographicMaritime work is common in Texas as well as a common source of work injuries and workers’ compensation claims. Those in these fields face a variety of hazards on a daily basis. Below, we discuss some of the most common hazards that make maritime work especially risky.

Extreme Work Conditions

The temperamental sea comes with storms and, often, maritime workers are put in high-risk conditions and cramped, tight quarters.


Poorly maintained or improperly used equipment can lead to explosions, especially when working with oil or hazardous material.


All maritime workers, being so close to the water, are at risk of falling overboard and potentially drowning.


Falls from great heights are a hazard for maritime workers; wet and greasy floors or decks can also lead to slip and falls.


Working in tight, cramped spaces can lead to potential gas poisoning as well as asbestosis and mesothelioma.


Exposed wires and wet conditions can lead to electrocutions of workers; fires can also start due to improper use of electrical equipment.

Blunt Trauma

Moving operations, operating heavy equipment, or lifting hefty loads can cause objects to strike or crush workers.

Erratic Time Schedules

Often, workers are on the job for long hours and may get inadequate sleep in between shifts, leading to a higher chance of mistakes.

When the Worst Happens

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