GM SUVs Recalled Over Air Bag Sensor Defect

General Motors is recalling 88,129 model year 2018 GMC Terrain SUVs because their air bags may not deploy in a crash. Only those SUVs manufactured between March 14, 2017 and May 22, 2018 are affected, the company said. To find out if this includes your vehicle, go to and enter the vehicle’s VIN number. GM said it has received no reports of injuries as a result of the defect, which dealers will fix for free by reprogramming an air bag sensor.

According to National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) documents, “In these vehicles, the sensing diagnostic module (SDM), which provides crash sensing and deploys air bags in the event of a crash, may not power down correctly when the vehicle is powered off. If this condition occurs, the SDM may be inoperative when the vehicle is restarted. If the SDM is inoperative when the vehicle is started, the air bag warning lamp will be illuminated, the driver information center will display a ‘service restraint system’ message, and warning chimes will sound.” NHTSA also states that “If the SDM is inoperative, the SDM will not detect a crash or command deployment of air bags, increasing the risk of injury in a crash.”

Serious Auto Crash Can Be Caused By Defective Designs and Parts

Crashes that seem to be caused by drivers are sometimes actually due to a defective vehicle or a vehicle that has been defectively-designed–i.e., not designed to be crashworthy. Too often this is overlooked.

If you are involved in a serious auto crash, it is critical to have a thorough investigation. Our team of trained accident investigators has examined the facts and evidence to determine actual events and causes in the serious auto crashes brought to us. Our cases have included tire failures, car and van rollovers, faulty brakes, gas tank fires, seat belt failures and other signs of defects and negligence.