Car Causes Motorcycle to Crash; Riders Collect Substantial Sum

Carlie was substantially injured when a drunk driver collided with a motorcycle on which she was riding as a passenger. We took the impaired drivers’ insurance company to court and procured a settlement large enough to pay off Carlie’s high medical bills and compensate her for other losses.

On one sunny Saturday in July of 2014, Dave was riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle along a Corpus Christi highway looking forward to a day on the beach. On the back was a friend, Carlie. Suddenly, a car traveling in the opposite direction veered across two lanes of traffic and into the path of the motorcycle. The force of the collision hurled both riders violently over the front of the bike and to the ground. Later, police at the scene cited the driver of the car for failure to yield and driving while intoxicated.

Carlie suffered abrasions, lacerations, bone fractures and a concussion. Over the next few months, her hospital bills and out-of-work losses quickly added up to more than $80,000. She contacted the Edwards Law Firm so we could negotiate with the car driver’s insurance company. We took a forceful position on Carlie’s behalf. The insurance company agreed to settle for a substantial amount instead of dragging out the claim, hoping Carlie would settle for less.