Family Trip Ends in Tragedy when Defective Tire Fails

Two members of the Castillo family were killed and three seriously injured when their Chevy Blazer veered out of control and rolled as the result of a tire failure. We sued Uniroyal Goodrich and General Motors, proving the tire was defective and the vehicle had a history of rollovers. Our settlement covered surviving members’ past and future medical expenses and compensated them for grievous and permanent losses.

The Castillo family, consisting of dad Juan, mother Blanca, grandmother Socorro, and children Juan Jr. and Annalay, were on a family trip to Houston when tragedy struck. They had just entered the highway via the entry ramp and were not yet at the 55 mph speed limit when a rear tire blew out. The car swerved out of control and rolled.

Although a witness who was a nurse stopped immediately to render aid and first responders were there within minutes, nothing could be done to save Blanca and Socorro. Juan and the children, especially Annalay, were seriously injured.

The family had just left a gas station where Juan had checked all the tires. It was clear from the evidence that the blowout of the left rear tire, manufactured by Uniroyal Goodrich, occurred when the tread separated.

An investigation by the Edwards Firm revealed that the tire was defective and that the vehicle, a Chevy Blazer, had a history of rollovers.

The Edwards Firm sued both the tire company and General Motors on behalf of the Castillo family. Both companies settled for a confidential amount.

When a tire is manufactured defectively the tread can separate. When this occurs at highway speeds, the vehicle can roll over because the driver loses the ability to control the vehicle. Vans and SUVs are particularly susceptible to rolling over because of their high centers of gravity.