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If you suffer a severe injury at work, you may wonder what is included in the compensation you may recover. Unfortunately, your injury may force you to change your position at work. One thing you may need is compensation to cover the cost of retraining.

It's important to know what you can recover, especially if you need to stop working. If you are able to return to work in a different capacity than you once had, you can seek compensation that pays for occupational training programs to get you back into a different job.

Occupational Training

In workers' compensation claims, most people think of the benefits they receive to cover the costs of personal and emotional therapy. However, you can also receive training that helps to prep you for any future positions you may try to apply for. Retraining is beneficial for both you and any future employer. Here's how:


Insurance adjusters go to great lengths to deny or minimize claims. And while we highly recommend that you avoid speaking to them on your own, there are situations where it may happen. Before it does happen, though, you should know the things to avoid saying so you're not making an already vulnerable situation more difficult to endure.

We want to protect you during your time of need. Here are some of the things you should avoid saying if you have to speak with insurance adjusters.

1. I'm Sorry

You may feel bad about the accident, but when you apologize, insurance companies use this against you. They may try to say that you were the one at fault for the accident since you apologized for the crash. If they can turn fault against you for the crash, you may be unable to obtain compensation.


Any time you suffer a severe injury in the workplace and rely on workers' compensation benefits, there are some very important things you need to know. One of the benefits you may be able to recover is supplemental income, but eligibility requirements in these matters can impact what and how much you recover.

It's vital to recognize your rights. Our team at The Edwards Law Firm is here to help you.

What It Is

Texas workers' compensation allows those with an impairment rating of 15% or more to receive supplemental income benefits. The benefits are equal to about 80% of 80% of your average income. It can be confusing to determine how much you may recover. Here is how the calculation may work:


After a car accident or any other act of negligence, we encourage you to avoid speaking with the insurance company, even your own. Unfortunately, if you're unsure of liability, any statements you make can be used against you and negatively impact your claim. We make it a point to explain some of the most important things to look out for when filing a claim so you can protect yourself and your compensation.

Insurance Companies Care About Profits

Insurance companies are large corporations with several employees to pay. They delay claims if they can and find discrepancies in your statements to try and delay claims and protect their own profits. They'll do whatever they can to save their money, even when you have a valid claim.

Insurance Adjusters Only Act Friendly

If you ever have to speak with insurance adjusters, they will try to act as friendly as possible. They want you to believe that they are on your side and they will be there to help you. Unfortunately, this is often their way to get you to accept whatever they give you, even if it doesn't meet your needs.


After a workplace injury, you want to make sure you have a full understanding regarding how you can recover compensation. You may be concerned with your ability to pursue workers' compensation benefits, as well as if you can continue to work in some capacity.

If you're curious about your ability to still work while seeking workers' compensation benefits, our team at The Edwards Law Firm is here to provide you with answers you need. Below, we'll explain how workers' compensation benefits impact your employment.

Partial Benefits

In the event you suffer a workplace injury, but you are not completely disabled, you may be able still work in some capacity. Partial disability means you may be able to return to the workforce. However, you may require job modifications or work in a different capacity.

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