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Why You Should Seek Medical Care After a Nueces County Car Crash

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corpus christi car crash lawyerYou probably have a lot on your plate after a car accident. You may be scrambling to get your vehicle repaired or replaced on top of dealing with the claims process. Seeing a health care provider may not appear on your to-do list if you were able to walk away from the accident, but maybe it should. Some types of injuries caused by car accidents are not as immediately obvious as a broken arm or laceration. Delayed injuries are a genuine risk after auto accidents. 

The sooner any possible injuries are caught and addressed, the better your health outcome could be, and the stronger your claim could become. If you were hurt in a car accident, an attorney can offer you further advice on how to move forward and preserve your claim. 

Why is Getting Medical Attention so Important After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

The powerful forces often involved in car crashes can cause a wide range of injuries in a multitude of ways. It is not always abundantly clear after a car accident whether you are injured, and to what extent. Being promptly evaluated by a medical professional can not only help you, but help your case. Reasons you may want to seek medical care after a car accident include: 

  • Shock - Right after a major accident, many people are very shaken. Adrenaline serves as the body’s natural pain reliever, which can be helpful at times. However, the combination of adrenaline and emotional shock can also prevent you from noticing pain that would alert you to a possible injury. 

  • Delayed injuries - Some injuries will not start hurting until several hours or days after a car crash. Whiplash often becomes more painful, and your neck movements may become more restricted, in the days following the crash. Having any early warning symptoms documented can help support your claim later. 

  • Head injuries - Concussions and traumatic brain injuries may or may not be obvious immediately. Brain bleeds and certain other injuries may have few or very minor symptoms. If there is any possibility of a head injury, it needs to be addressed promptly.

  • Documentation - Finally, getting any pain or injuries you are experiencing documented promptly can help support your claim later. Extensive delays in seeking medical treatment could later be used to suggest that your injuries were less serious than they are. 

If you are in doubt, seeking medical attention is generally the wisest move. It is safer for you, and may help you while you are seeking compensation. 

Call a Nueces County Car Accident Lawyer

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