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Who Pays in a Rear-End Collision?

Posted on in Car Accidents

Rear-end collisions are some of the most common on the road. Far too often, though, it's confusing to recognize who is liable in a rear-end collision. You should know that there are numerous situations that can change liability, but if you suffer an injury, it's best to know against whom you are taking legal action.

In a Regular Rear-End Collision

In any rear-end collision, multiple people may hold a level of fault. When you suffer an injury, it's easy to start pointing fingers, but you should know the different situations that can lead to your harm and how to hold the following accountable.

  • The driver in the back: If the driver behind you is texting, speeding, or otherwise negligent when they crash into you, they are responsible for your damages.
  • A manufacturing company: Sometimes, the driver in the back may claim brake failure or other problems that could lead to a product liability claim.
  • The driver in the front: If you're driving and the driver in front of you is distracted when he or she slams on their brakes giving you no time to stop, it could impact liability.

In a 3-Vehicle Rear-End Crash

Some crashes can involve more than two vehicles. For instance, a rear-end crash can be a chain reaction with each vehicle following the other too closely, making it difficult to stop in time. In many situations, it can become challenging to determine liability, especially if the driver behind you does stop, but the driver behind him or her doesn't stop and causes the car behind you to strike your vehicle.

If you suffer an injury in a rear-end crash, it's vital to recognize how you can hold someone else accountable for their actions. Trust that our Corpus Christi car accident lawyers at The Edwards Law Firm put your needs first, and we'll go above and beyond to protect your rights.

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