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When Can I Sue for a Swimming Pool Injury?

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Corpus Christi personal injury lawyersTexas has experienced some truly wild heat waves this summer, and it may not cool off for some time. In our hot southern state, public and semi-private swimming pools are a popular way to cool off during the hot summer months. Children and adults alike flock to Texas swimming pools to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, or spending time with friends. While we think of pools as a great place to enjoy warm weather, there is considerable danger associated with swimming pools. Sadly, children are the most common victims of serious swimming pool accidents. Many of these injuries and deaths are entirely preventable when the pool owner just takes a few simple steps to head off common injuries. If you or your child was injured or killed at a swimming pool this summer, you may be able to recover compensation under a premises liability theory. 

Common Types of Negligence by Pool Owners

One of the main things you will need to prove to prevail in a lawsuit over a swimming pool injury is that the owner of the pool was negligent in causing your or your child’s injuries. This can be tricky - no swimming pool is 100% safe. Even when all appropriate precautions are in place, there is still some risk that people could get hurt or drown - but negligence makes accidents much more likely. 

A few types of negligence commonly identified after serious accidents include: 

  • Unsecured access - Children are drawn to swimming pools like fruit fries to a banana. Adult pool owners must take precautions to ensure that children cannot simply wander right up to a pool without permission and supervision. Even if the owner does not knowingly allow children, they must still take steps to protect potential child trespassers, such as placing a fence around the pool area. 
  • No lifeguard - This depends on whose pool it is. If the pool is open to the public, there must be a properly trained and qualified lifeguard present and watching at all times while the pool is open. However, if you were at someone’s personal pool at their house, they were likely not bound by these laws. 
  • Underwater dangers - Filters, chlorine dispensers, heaters, fountains, jets, and other equipment can create an enormous drowning hazard. Swimmers should not be able to get caught on equipment inside the pool. Filters can create dangerous suction that can trap a person, and protruding parts can become tangled in a child’s bathing suit. 
  • Danger on deck - Pool decks will always be a bit slippery, but some are excessively so. Items like life preservers should not be placed where people can easily trip over them. 

An accident can turn a fun afternoon into a disaster. If you or your child were harmed by any of these negligent practices, you may have a valid claim to compensation. 

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