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What to Know When Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

Posted on in Car Accidents

After a car accident or any other act of negligence, we encourage you to avoid speaking with the insurance company, even your own. Unfortunately, if you're unsure of liability, any statements you make can be used against you and negatively impact your claim. We make it a point to explain some of the most important things to look out for when filing a claim so you can protect yourself and your compensation.

Insurance Companies Care About Profits

Insurance companies are large corporations with several employees to pay. They delay claims if they can and find discrepancies in your statements to try and delay claims and protect their own profits. They'll do whatever they can to save their money, even when you have a valid claim.

Insurance Adjusters Only Act Friendly

If you ever have to speak with insurance adjusters, they will try to act as friendly as possible. They want you to believe that they are on your side and they will be there to help you. Unfortunately, this is often their way to get you to accept whatever they give you, even if it doesn't meet your needs.

Recorded Statements Are Not for Your Benefit

If the insurance company requests a recorded statement, it's important to know who this statement benefits. Insurance adjusters record statements that they use against you to minimize or deny your claim. Instead, refer them to speak with your lawyer so you can protect your rights.

The Settlement Offer Is Often Less Than You Deserve

You may receive a settlement offer from your insurance adjuster for your damages. Unfortunately, this offer is usually far less than you need to cover your losses. You don't have to accept this offer, and you can work with an attorney to protect your rights.

Our Corpus Christi personal injury attorneys work to help you understand your rights. Trust us to be your guide through complex litigation and pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. At The Edwards Law Firm, we put you first every step of the way.

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