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What Is Supplemental Income?

Posted on in Work Place Injuries

Any time you suffer a severe injury in the workplace and rely on workers' compensation benefits, there are some very important things you need to know. One of the benefits you may be able to recover is supplemental income, but eligibility requirements in these matters can impact what and how much you recover.

It's vital to recognize your rights. Our team at The Edwards Law Firm is here to help you.

What It Is

Texas workers' compensation allows those with an impairment rating of 15% or more to receive supplemental income benefits. The benefits are equal to about 80% of 80% of your average income. It can be confusing to determine how much you may recover. Here is how the calculation may work:

  • If your income is $600 a week, 80% of that is $480.
  • Your supplemental income would be 80% of the $480, meaning you may recover $384 each week.

If you are still able to work and recover partial income, the wages you earn would be reduced further. So, if you earned $300 in the week, the calculation changes:

  • Your weekly income was $600, and the 80% is still $480.
  • Your earned wages would reduce the amount by $300 to $180.
  • Your supplemental income would be 80% of the $180, and you would recover $144 for the week.

Not sure if you are eligible? Make sure you have legal counsel throughout the process. It's crucial to understand the process and get help to pursue the compensation you need and deserve when you suffer a severe workplace injury.

Our Corpus Christi workers' compensation lawyers aim to help you every step of the way. When you choose The Edwards Law Firm for your representation, you receive care, compassion, and dedication throughout the entire process. We'll be there to explain your rights, help you file your claim, and appeal a denial if one occurs.

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