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What Does MMI Mean?

Posted on in Work Place Injuries

When you file a workers' compensation claim, there is often an end date by which insurance companies want to stop providing benefits. In most situations, this end date is when you're able to return to work. However, in order to determine your ability to return to work, a doctor must determine when you reach your maximum medical improvement.

Because your benefits are important to your ability to move forward after a workplace injury, you should know how the MMI impacts your claim. Below, we'll explain what it is and what happens when you reach it.

Your Maximum Medical Improvement

Your MMI is defined as the point at which your injuries have stabilized, and you will no longer experience any improvement in your physical abilities and functionalities. Even if your injuries have not fully healed, your maximum medical improvement will reflect that your condition is final, and you won't be able to improve any further.

In short, it's a doctor's way of informing insurance companies that your injuries are good as they're going to get. No other treatment is going to work at this point. If your MMI allows you to return to work, the doctor may inform the insurance company that you can return, and your benefits may stop.

Your Ability to Return to Your Regular Job

Even if your MMI allows you to return to work, your injuries may not be well enough to return to your regular job. As such, you may have to change your position, which can also impact how much income you make in your new position.

If your new position pays you less, workers' compensation may be available to cover the lost income that you experience.

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