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What are the Top Causes of Car Accidents?

Posted on in Car Accidents

When pursuing compensation after a crash, it's important to show causation. This means that someone's actions have caused your harm and they may be held accountable for your damages. Recognizing what caused your injuries is imperative, and you can pursue compensation that covers medical expenses, lost income, and more.


Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous actions on the road. When someone consumes alcohol, it can impact their depth perception and decision-making. When they are driving while intoxicated, they may serve between lanes, speed, and brake erratically, potentially causing a severe crash.


Texting and driving, talking to passengers, reaching for items, and other distractions can cause a crash that results in catastrophic injuries. Distractions can cause drivers to exhibit the same signs as drunk driving, including swerving, speeding, slowing down, and other problems.


Drowsy driving was once thought to cause just 2 to 3% of accidents. However, new studies have shown that percentage is much higher. In fact, fatigued driving is a significant cause for concern, and it's crucial to pay close attention if you see a driver fading off.


Far too often, drivers don't abide by the laws, and they speed beyond the posted limits. Speeding can make it more difficult for drivers to control their vehicles and stop when necessary. Speeding is one of the top causes of car accidents, and these crashes can cause some of the most devastating injuries.

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