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Top 3 Common Car Defects That Cause Accidents in Texas

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Nueces County personal injury lawyerOne of the first things most people want to know after being injured in a motor vehicle accident is whose fault it was. The problem with car crashes caused by motor vehicle defects is that it can make it very hard, initially, to figure out who is responsible for the accident. It may look like the other driver was responsible if brake failure caused him to run a red light. It may look like the crash was your fault if your tire blew and sent you careening into oncoming traffic. In both cases, it is quite likely that neither driver was at fault - however, a driver who knowingly fails to maintain his vehicle in a safe condition may be at least partially liable.

If something seems off about your accident and you suspect that a defective car part may have played a role, it is worth investigating further. Our attorneys can help with this. 

What Common Defective Car Parts Lead to Crashes?

After a crash caused by a motor vehicle defect, you may have more than one option for pursuing compensation. Anyone from the original manufacturer of the part that failed, to a mechanic who carelessly installed it so that it would not function correctly, to a driver who failed to perform repairs they knew their vehicle needed could be liable. Common dangerous vehicle defects include: 

  • Tires - Tire blowouts are a common cause of multi-car accidents. When a tire blows, the driver loses control of the car and is quite likely to strike multiple other vehicles before coming to a stop. Anything from overinflation to poor design could be to blame. 
  • Brakes - Braking is one of the most important functions every vehicle must have. It can be incredibly frightening to be driving along, approaching an intersection, only to realize that you cannot stop. Often, these accidents occur because brakes were not installed correctly or brakes that were not compatible with the car were errantly installed. 
  • Airbags - Ironically, one of a car’s most important safety features can also be the cause of injury. Airbags that have been packed incorrectly are prone to opening up while the car is in motion, blinding the driver and causing them to crash. Spontaneous deployments can be unpredictable. Alternatively, airbags that fail to deploy appropriately after an accident has already taken place have been known to catch fire and cause severe burns. 

A skilled investigation is always required to prove that a vehicle defect caused an accident. 

Contact a Nueces County Products Liability Attorney

If you were injured by a motor vehicle defect, The Edwards Law Firm may be able to help you recover compensation. Our skilled Corpus Christi products liability lawyers will work to determine the cause of your crash and hold the appropriate party responsible. Call 361-698-7600 for a free consultation. 




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