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The Different Types of Burn Injuries

Posted on in Personal Injury

Burn injuries are some of the most severe because of the long-term damage associated with them. For instance, you may endure physical pain, cosmetic scarring, trauma, mental anguish, and more. The severity of these damages makes burns catastrophic injuries.

If you ever sustain a burn injury, you must know the source of the damage. There are many different types of burn injuries you should know about, as they could help you understand the potential cause and liability.

Burn Injury Types

  • Thermal Burns: Thermal burns are some of the most common because of their cause and how exposed many people are to the dangers. This type of burn comes from contact with high temperatures, including touching very hot water or metals, as well as flames.

  • Friction Burns: Few people recognize this, but friction burns can include situations such as road rash. The abrasions exist, but this type of damage also includes heat burns. Similarly, carpet burns occur because of friction.

  • Chemical Burns: Many people with industrial jobs risk exposure to specific chemicals—some being more dangerous than others. Contact with acids, solvents, and other chemicals can cause you to suffer a chemical burn.

  • Electrical Burns: When electrical outlets have wiring problems or those in the industry work with exposed currents, electrical burns can arise.

  • Cold Burns: Cold burns may seem like an oxymoron, but if you ever encounter dry ice or freezing temperatures, you'll understand it is a real thing. A common type of cold burn is “frostbite.”

Negligence and Burn Injuries

You may notice from the list above, a few types of burn injuries stem from potentially negligent actions. A friction burn may arise because of a motorcycle accident. A chemical burn can occur when an employee does not have the correct safety equipment. A thermal burn can occur when a waiter spills hot coffee on you.

It's vital to understand your legal options following a burn injury. Our Corpus Christi burn injury lawyers at The Edwards Law Firm are here to help you. Trust that we'll put your best interests first and guide you through the process every step of the way.

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