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The Dangers of Expired Medication

Posted on in Medical Malpractice

Doctors prescribe countless medications to patients daily. These medications are supposed to help fight off an infection, relieve pain, and help with a severe condition. Unfortunately, there are times when errors get in the way, and the patient suffers harm.

One potential error is prescribing expired medication. While the doctor may do everything correctly, the staff in the pharmacy may not. They may grab expired medication, and it can create significant problems for the patient.

Change in Chemical Composition

The longer medications sit, the higher the risk that the chemical composition changes. Whenever this change occurs, it makes the medication more hazardous than helpful. There may be bacterial growth and other problems.

Medications can change physical properties, as well. You may see liquid medications changing colors or settling after the expiration date. Similarly, capsules may disintegrate over time. These problems show the potential dangers associated with expired medications.

Lost Effectiveness

Medication that expires can lose its effectiveness. Depending on the reason for its use, this can result in severe damages. For instance, an antibiotic that no longer works correctly will allow a condition to worsen within a patient.

A medication prescribed for pain may no longer relieve the symptoms of inflammation or physical injuries. As a result, the patient continues to suffer from whatever ailment they have. The expired medication the patient has provides no relief. The patient trusts these prescriptions to help, but when they don't, there may be legal rights available.

There are potential dangers when pharmacies, hospitals, and other medical professionals try to get away with prescribing expired medication. You must work to hold medical professionals accountable for their negligence when it causes patients harm.

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