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Taking the 'Mystery' out of Mysterious Motorcycle Crashes

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Taking the “Mystery” Out of Mysterious Motorcycle Crashes

Our team of experienced attorneys knows that when a motorcycle crashes for no apparent reason, it's important to take a closer look. If a serious motorcycle crash is caused by a defect in a tire, rim, the brakes or any other critical motorcycle or tire part, manufacturers can and should be held accountable. These deadly defects are more common than you might think. And the public needs to know that defective motorcycles are leading to serious injuries and deaths.

Motorcyclists, even when wearing helmets and other protective gear, are at a high risk of injury. Unfortunately, there can also be a bias against motorcycle riders, which puts them at a disadvantage in the legal process, as well. Many people believe that motorcyclists break rules, drive recklessly on purpose and are above the law. At Edwards Law Firm, our staff consists of many motorcycle riders so we know first hand the problems that come with riding a motorcycle. Those injured in motorcycle accidents, including those caused by defects and design problems, deserve to recover compensation for their injuries, lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses.

Allow Fellow Motorcyclists to Represent You

We have successfully represented motorcycle riders and their families for many years. Don't let just any attorney handle your case; allow the fellow riders of the Edwards Law Firm to review your case and get the best possible outcome.

Our firm will evaluate your case with no charge and no obligation. If we decide that you should pursue a personal injury claim, our firm will provide the personal service and professionalism that you should expect from your law firm.

At the Edwards Law Firm, we use our experience and skilled experts to accurately determine whether a serious motorcycle crash is actually caused by a tire, rim or brake defect, or any motorcycle part defect. If it is indeed, then we move forward on behalf of our clients and litigate against the manufacturers responsible for the defect, and the resulting crash.

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