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Ride like a Pro Motorcycle Safety Course

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Want to Ride with the Best of them?

Taught by active-duty motorcycle police officers, this advanced motorcycle course teaches three simple techniques that keep riders safer when executing slow-speed maneuvers, like making sharp, slow turns in traffic, negotiating parking lots and driveways, making U-turns and keeping a heavy bike upright in slow-moving traffic.

“The Ride Like a Pro Class was terrific! I would never have believed that in 4 hours that I would be riding simultaneous figure-8 maneuvers with 3 other touring bikes…….all within 20′ diameter circles. It was well worth the time and money.” – 2014 participant

Statistics show rider error is a contributing factor in many motorcycle accidents. Don't be a statistic. Join Billy Edwards and become a better, safer, more confident rider.

Insurance Discount

Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate from the Texas Department of Public Safety, good for a 10% motorcycle insurance discount. The course also is accepted as an alternative to traffic fines by many courts. For more information, go to www.ridelikeaprohouston.com.

Class requirements

  1. 2500 miles of riding experience
  2. Valid motorcycle license
  3. Current registration
  4. Current motorcycle insurance
  5. Protective riding gear – DOT approved helmet, Long pants, Over the ankle boots

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