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Recovering Damages After Getting Hurt in a Hotel

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Corpus Christi personal injury lawyerStaying in a hotel while traveling can be a lovely experience. When a hotel stay goes nicely, it can feel like being in a home away from home. Many people prefer having their own space in a hotel room to staying with friends or relatives during a visit. However, a hotel stay can also be disastrous. Hotel operators have a duty to keep their rooms and common areas reasonably safe for their guests and visitors. Not all hotels take this duty as seriously as they should.

Whether you are staying in a budget roadside motel or a five-star resort, you deserve safe accommodations. In many cases, the hotel could be held financially liable for the harm that came to you while you were staying there under premises liability laws. A lot will depend on the specific situation that led to your injuries. If you were injured in a hotel, you will need to contact an attorney who can assess your case. 

What Types of Accidents and Injuries Are Common in Hotels?

There are quite a few potential sources of danger when you are staying in a hotel, from dangerous appliances in the rooms to food poisoning in the breakfast buffet. A few common dangers hotel guests may be susceptible to include: 

  • Burns - Anything from a lack of anti-scald settings on faucets to faulty kitchenettes can cause a guest to suffer serious burns. Even overheated coffee in the lobby can scald unsuspecting guests. Poorly marked exits can become incredibly hazardous in the event of a fire. 
  • Food poisoning - If your hotel offers breakfast, food safety may be a concern. Hot foods and cold foods must be held within specific temperature ranges to stay safe. This can become a problem when buffets are set out and left mostly unattended for hours. 
  • Falls - It is important that hotels remain vigilant about potential slipping or tripping hazards. Wet or slippery floors must be marked. Bathrooms should contain some safety features that help guests avoid slipping or falling. Power cords in the lobby should be secured out of guests’ way. Stairs should be well-lit and have handrails.
  • Crime - While hotels cannot completely prevent all criminal conduct on their premises, they should be taking reasonable steps to protect guests from assaults or robberies. Room doors should be able to be secured with a working deadbolt. Parking lots should be reasonably well-lit. The building should be adequately secure. 
  • Pool injuries - Hotel pools are a common source of danger. From preventable drownings to serious falls or even infections from unsanitary water, the pool is likely the least safe place in the hotel. 

Whether the hotel is liable for your injuries depends on exactly what type of harm you suffered and how it happened. An attorney will be able to give you a better understanding of whether you may be entitled to financial compensation. 

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