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PTSD Caused by Car Accidents

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When most people think of the aftermath of a car accident, the immediate thought revolves around the physical harm from which people suffer. Hardly ever is there a second thought about the mental damage accident victims face and the long-term impact associated with emotional trauma.

However, after a car accident, the possibility of the parties involved suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder is a real threat. PTSD is not just a condition designated for soldiers returning from war. It's something that can occur after any traumatic and stressful situation that impacts a person's life.

What Problems Come Next?

PTSD can cause accident survivors to deal with daily struggles—some of which can prevent them from living life as they once did. For instance, someone with PTSD may fear ever stepping foot in a vehicle again. Instead, they may suffer from fear and anxiety, preventing them from even getting in their car.

With PTSD, many survivors encounter moments of flashbacks in which they relive the situation in their heads. Triggers are most often the cause of these flashbacks. Triggers remind the survivor of the crash and can come in the form of a car horn honking, tires screeching, or a loud bang emulating the sound of a collision.

These flashbacks can debilitate someone who has PTSD.

How Can I Cope with the Condition?

Coping with PTSD is easier said than done. It often requires therapy, a reliable support system, and an understanding of how to get out of difficult situations. For many, it may be years before they can face the situation and recover from the condition. For others, it may never happen.

When someone has PTSD, they may lose out on several of the things they once enjoyed. It may even impact a person's ability to get a job. As such, the cost of treatment can become expensive and seemingly impossible to afford.

It is for these reasons we take car accident cases so seriously. Physical injuries are already challenging enough to deal with before you factor in the possibility of emotional trauma. When you suffer from post-traumatic stress as well, you need all the help to recover compensation to cover the associated expenses.

Our Corpus Christi car accident lawyers at The Edwards Law Firm want to help you. We know it's not easy to speak up about a situation that causes you so much fear and anxiety. We'll be by your side to be your voice, fighting for the compensation and justice you need and deserve.

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