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Motorcycle Accidents and Product Defects

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Motorcycle accidents happen quite often, and when they do, they typically involve the motorcyclist and at least one other vehicle. What happens, though, when the only reason the accident occurs is out of the control of the parties directly involved in the crash?

This is something that can happen when product defects come into play and put those on the road in significant danger. Even motorcycles can experience defective products, and the rider can lose control and crash into another vehicle. Similarly, if another vehicle has a defective product, they can crash into the motorcyclist, causing significant harm.

Types of Product Defects

Product defects can come in many forms. For motorcycles, they may often involve the brakes and/or tires. Any problem involving your brakes or tires can result in you losing control of your motorcycle, such as a blowout or brake failure and being unable to stop.

In some situations, defects can involve other parts of the motorcycle and make it so your vehicle breaks down when traveling in high-trafficked areas. If your motorcycle suddenly breaks down, you may be rear-ended and suffer significant harm.

How are Defective Products Handled in Personal Injury Law?

In matters of personal injury law following a serious motorcycle accident, there are various factors considered to determine how a defective product may have played a role. The three elements of proving product defects is to determine if there was an error in manufacturing or design, or if there was a failure to warn.

If it can be shown that there was some kind of error, the manufacturer of the failed part may be held accountable for their actions following a motorcycle accident.

At The Edwards Law Firm, our Corpus Christi motorcycle accident attorneys can work with you to help you understand your rights moving forward. We're committed to guiding you through the process to pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

If a manufacturer releases a motorcycle and/or part for a motorcycle with a defect, they should be held fully accountable for the injuries they cause.

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