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Motorcycle Accidents and Catastrophic Injuries

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Motorcyclists are often big fans of the freedom they experience on the roads. For many, the joy of being without a surrounding frame is enough to get them on a motorcycle without a worry in the world. However, it's this same freedom that leaves all motorcyclists susceptible to potential harm when there is negligence involved.

Far too often, motorists fail to pay the respect to motorcyclists necessary to keep them safe. This can lead to a significant accident and subsequent injury. With regards to motorcycle accidents and the potential of ejection, these injuries can often be considered catastrophic when the damages are significant and require long-term care.

Understanding some of the catastrophic injuries that you can sustain, as well as how motorcycle accidents can cause them, is important to pursuing legal action after the fact. Here are some of the most common catastrophic injuries motorcyclists are subject to in a crash.

Traumatic Brain Injuries—Possible Even with a Helmet

We're told all the time how helmets can be protective to a motorcyclist's head and while this is true, it does not completely protect for all damage. Instead, it prevents your head from making contact with the ground, another vehicle, or any other traumatizing impact.

However, it doesn't stop your brain from moving around inside of your skull, which is all it takes to suffer a significant brain injury such as a concussion. Even brain tissue damage and hemorrhaging can occur when your brain makes hard enough contact with the inside of your skull.

Unfortunately, in motorcycle accidents, it's entirely possible for the rider to be ejected from his or her motorcycle, which can force a landing on his or her head. This is enough to be considered a traumatic brain injury and include long-term pain and cognitive issues.

Ejection and Spinal Cord Injury

Like with any type of motorcycle accident where the motorcyclist is ejected, it's entirely possible for you to suffer a serious spine injury. Whether this is something like a slipped disk or nerve or muscle damage, or even paralysis, it's important for those who suffer injury to understand their rights.

Spinal cord injuries can occur in rear-end collisions when the vehicle driver crashes into the back of the motorcycle, causing you to suffer whiplash. Or if the driver turns in front of you at an intersection, it can cause you to be ejected from the motorcycle, flipping and landing on the car or the ground and hurting your spine.

Those who suffer spine injuries can be paralyzed (either paraplegia or tetraplegia) and lose all motor function in his or her legs, arms, or all extremities. This can require long-term healthcare, physical therapy, and more.

How Do Burns Occur In Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents can result in you suffering significant burn injuries, such as friction burns. Friction burns are not the most known types of burn injuries and are not common in many situations, but in motorcycle accidents, they have a popular nickname: “road rash.”

This is because motorcyclists may suffer these burns—which can remove layers of skin—as a result of long sliding accidents. If the motorcyclist is not wearing the proper gear to protect from burns, the injuries can be seriously damaging.

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