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Is Your Oil Field Job Making You Sick?

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Corpus Christi oil field injury attorneyThere is no question that oil field work is tough. It is physically demanding and the hours are long. You may be away from your home and your loved ones for extended periods of time. You are working with dangerous and combustible chemicals all day, every day. Accidents happen in oil fields all the time. Fires, explosions, and falls are very common. 

There is another, more insidious, risk that oil field workers face: illness caused by chemical exposure. If you have been experiencing respiratory problems, cognitive difficulties, chronic headaches, cardiovascular issues, or other unexplained symptoms, it could be because you were not adequately protected around hazardous chemicals. Any strange symptoms should be thoroughly evaluated by a doctor. If your illness was caused by your job, you may be eligible to recover compensation through Workers’ Compensation or by pursuing a lawsuit if your employer is a non-subscriber. 

Illness Caused by Chemical Exposure in the Oil Industry

The risk of developing a chemical-related illness can be mitigated by wearing proper PPE at all times. However, even if you take the right steps, you could still be at risk. Dangerous chemicals you may be exposed to and the illnesses they cause include: 

  • Drilling fluid - If you work around drilling fluid, you may be at heightened risk for developing cancer or respiratory illness. This fluid often contains hydrocarbons. If you inhale these fumes, you could experience sudden dizziness or tiredness along with headaches or nausea. 
  • Hydrofluoric acid - This incredibly potent acid can instantly damage the lungs and respiratory tracts upon inhalation. The damage may be permanent. You may not be able to return to your oil field job if you are affected by this chemical. 
  • Hydrogen sulfide - When you are exposed to hydrogen sulfides, you may not even know it until you have already become seriously ill. These chemicals are highly toxic and can cause fatalities or extreme illnesses with little warning. An exposed individual could lose consciousness and stop breathing. If you suspect any exposure, seek immediate medical help. 
  • Silica - This chemical is commonly used in fracking operations. The sand used is almost pure silica. Silicosis is an illness caused by silica exposure. It causes serious lung damage, so you may notice difficulty breathing, coughing, wheezing, or fatigue. Lung cancer is also associated with silica exposure. 
  • Benzene - Benzene is a chemical solvent used in oil production. It is notorious for causing cancer, including leukemia. 

These are just a few of the threatening chemicals you are likely exposed to on a regular basis. Have all suspicious symptoms medically investigated and contact an attorney if you believe your illness was caused by your job. 

Call a Nueces County Oil Field Injury Attorney

If you have become ill due to chemical exposure at work, The Edwards Law Firm may be able to recover compensation for you. Our skilled Corpus Christi oil field accident lawyers will fight for you to be compensated for the illness you have endured. Contact us at 361-698-7600 for a free consultation. 




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