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Is it the Hospital’s Duty to Prevent Suicide in Their Facility?

Posted on in Medical Malpractice

One of the primary responsibilities of a hospital is patient protection. The facility must protect patients who they admit in the hospital to stay for further diagnosis and treatment. Hospitals need to ensure patients don't do anything to cause harm to another patient or him or herself.

Patient protection mistakes are never events—things in the medical field that should never happen for any reason. As such, when something does happen, the hospital responsible for the patient is negligent and can be the subject of legal action.

What are Patient Protection Mistakes?

The moment a hospital admits a patient for care, that patient becomes the hospital's responsibility. The facility must ensure they're taking all necessary steps to protect the patient. While most cases of patient protection mistakes involve discharging a patient unable to care for him or herself to an unauthorized party, suicide can also be a significant problem.

When a patient attempts to commit suicide in a medical facility, the staff responsible for his or her care can face scrutiny. The facility must monitor patients accurately. If they fail in this regard, and a patient commits suicide or attempts to commit suicide, this is a patient protection error.

The doctor, nurses, and other staff members responsible for the patient's care may be subject to a potential lawsuit if the patient suffers severe or fatal damages. The family of a deceased patient can work with legal counsel to hold the hospital accountable for the loss.

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