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I’m Cleared to Work. Now What?

Posted on in Work Place Injuries

When you suffer a workplace injury, you may receive workers' compensation benefits if your employer carries this type of insurance. The benefits you receive cover the income you lose while being unable to work in your usual capacity.

You can return to work when your doctor medically clears you. However, there are some complications involved if you are still experiencing pain from your injury. You must recognize what problems may exist when returning to work and what rights you have.

Are You Still Injured?

A doctor may clear you to return to work too soon. You may suffer from the physical effects of an injury, making it difficult for you to do your job. If this is the case, there are a few different things you should be aware of:

  • You may be able to return to work in a different capacity, allowing you to continue to earn an income.
  • You may petition to get a second opinion from a doctor regarding your condition if you are unable to work in any capacity.
  • You may talk to your employer and let them know your doctor cleared you, but you're still experiencing pain.

In some cases, your doctor and employer can work together to determine if you should need more time to recover. They may discuss if you're able to come back to work while still healing. When you return to your job, you can work with a legal professional to understand what your options are. You may be able to work in a different capacity and receive benefits for modified duty.

At The Edwards Law Firm, we want you to understand what benefits you are entitled to and what you can do to receive compensation. We'll determine if your work offers workers' compensation benefits and if you can work in a different capacity.

Our Corpus Christi workers' compensation attorneys are committed to helping you every step of the way with a focus on your best interests. We'll be here for you every step of the way.

To discuss your potential rights, give us a call at 361-698-7600 today.

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