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How Car Insurance Companies Cheat Unrepresented Crash Victims

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Nueces County car accident lawyerEven minor car accidents can turn into a huge headache. There is a police report to file, statements to give to insurance companies, and now your vehicle needs to be repaired. When you are injured and have medical bills to pay, the aftermath of the crash is even more complicated. Navigating the compensation process alone while recovering from a serious injury is extremely challenging. Even worse, some car insurance companies may try to take advantage of injured crash victims who try to do so. Whether the responsible driver’s insurance company acknowledges liability or not, there are many reasons you may want to be represented by counsel before you speak to insurance agents. 

What Tactics Do Insurance Companies Use to Take Advantage of Unrepresented Parties?

Car accidents happen every day, but they do not happen to you every day. The less familiar you are with the process of calculating how much you are owed and filing a claim, the easier it is for an insurance company to use your lack of experience against you. Look out for these tactics: 

  • Low offers - After you have given your statement, you will probably receive a settlement offer. Usually, the amount offered will sound high. Insurance companies hope that people will see the dollar amount and instantly accept it. However, when you begin factoring in not just the cost of medical bills, but lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional damages, and other damages, the amount in the initial offer rarely comes close to covering everything. 

  • Deception - It is not unheard of or even uncommon for insurance agents to stretch the truth or exaggerate. Companies may try to wriggle out of paying a claim by saying they cannot reach the other driver or that the other driver’s insurance coverage is lower than what it is. 

  • Statements - You will probably be asked to make a recorded statement about what happened. This request may come just days after the crash when you do not have all the information yet. Your statement can be used to trip you up or contradict you later. 

  • Investigation - You probably do not have the expertise to conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the crash, but the insurance company does. It is much better to have a knowledgeable lawyer on your side to conduct an investigation on your behalf. Otherwise, it may be hard to dispute the other driver’s version of events. 

Trying to get an adequate and fair settlement out of an insurance company can be like trying to squeeze water from a rock. Having an attorney to fight for you can make the whole process easier and give you much better odds of receiving what you deserve. 

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