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How Can an Event Data Recorder Influence Your Commercial Truck Accident Claim?

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Nueces County truck crash lawyerCrashes involving semi-trucks, flatbeds, delivery trucks, and other commercial trucks often cause significant injuries and property damage. A truck crash injury claim may allow for the recovery of damages, but bringing a successful claim is easier said than done. To recover financial compensation for vehicle damage, medical bills, and other damages, the injured person will need to bring a compelling claim backed by strong evidence. In many cases, information from the truck’s event data recorder is a crucial component in this evidence.

What Is an Event Data Recorder?

An event data recorder (EDR) is a device that records vehicle data during a crash. The devices are similar to the black boxes found in airplanes that are recovered and analyzed after a plane crash. Most EDRs are triggered by a sudden change in speed. For example, a trucker who slams on the brakes to avoid a collision would likely activate the EDR. 

EDRs vary, but most record information such as:

  • The duration of the crash
  • The G forces during a crash
  • The vehicle’s speed and acceleration or deceleration
  • Engine throttle
  • Brake application
  • Steering wheel information
  • Airbag deployment

How Is Information from an EDR Used?

Truck accident injury claims hinge upon liability. To recover compensation, the injured person must prove that another party is legally responsible for the crash and the resulting damages. Often, the at-fault party is the truck driver or the trucking company. However, a truck part manufacturing company, mechanic, or another party may also be at fault. EDR data helps paint a picture of exactly what led to a crash and what happened during the crash.

For example, if the EDR data shows that the brakes were not touched in the moments before a rear-end collision, this may be a sign that the driver was asleep at the wheel or simply not paying attention to what was happening.

Gathering and Preserving EDR Data

EDR data is only useful if it can be downloaded from the device. Personal injury lawyers often use “spoliation letters” to ensure that a trucking company does not delete, overwrite, or lose EDR information. A spoliation letter is a legal document that notifies a trucking company and its insurer that a claim is being filed against them. It officially warns the parties not to hide, tamper with, or destroy evidence such as EDR devices.

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