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How are Motorists Negligent in Motorcycle Accidents?

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In a large majority of motorcycle accidents, it is another motorist who is considered liable. Of course, motorcyclists understand the various risks they take getting on a motorcycle, but it doesn't change the respect that motorists must pay to those on two wheels in an effort to keep them safe.

When these respects are put aside, motorists can do some things that put others in danger—including motorcyclists. Knowing the ways in which motorists may be considered negligent is important, especially when you need to take legal action to pursue compensation from the liable party.

Speeding Through Intersections

Left-turn accidents are some of the most common motorcycle accidents that can occur and are often the result of one party speeding. Sometimes, this means the motorist is either trying to turn left in front of a motorcycle, or they're speeding through an intersection when the motorcycle is trying to turn.

Failing to Check Blind Spots

Smaller vehicles like motorcycles are harder to spot, especially for motorists who are not taking every precaution necessary before changing lanes. This means checking the rear-view mirror to identify approaching cars, checking the side-view mirror to see if any vehicles are in the intended lane, and quickly checking blind spots where your mirrors can't see.

Merging without checking blind spots puts other motorists—including motorcyclists—at risk of a serious accident.

Texting or Drinking and Driving

Like in any auto accident, a motorist who is distracted or drinking and driving can cause serious harm. This can result in the driver swerving into other lanes. If there is a motorcyclist in the other lane, a side-swipe or head-on collision can occur, causing significant harm.

Our Corpus Christi motorcycle accident lawyers work hard to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions. This means proving that they were liable for all damages caused and should be responsible for compensating the injured party for his or her losses.

When you hire The Edwards Law Firm, you can feel confident knowing that we bring nearly 60 years of experience to your side. Your best interests will remain our top priority throughout the process so we can dedicate ourselves to achieving the most favorable outcome possible on your behalf.

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