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Edwards Law Firm Secures $16 Million Verdict for Victim of Defective Tire

Posted on in Auto Safety

(Corpus Christi, TX) – The Edwards Law Firm has won a $16 million verdict for a client paralyzed when a defective tire failed on the Nissan Pathfinder he was driving, flipping the car into a ditch.

Harry Patel, 59, of Ohio, was rendered a quadriplegic after the tread separated on the Pathfinder's right rear all-terrain tire, causing the crash July 6, 2012, near St. Joseph, Michigan.

The tire came from the same Goodyear manufacturing plant in Fayetteville, NC that was the focus of an earlier lawsuit involving the deaths of two Texas students after a similar tire failure. Firm partner John Gsanger represented the students' families and helped represent the Michigan crash victim.

Evidence Shows Goodyear Tires Had Deadly Defect

Evidence showed the tires' tread and steel belting was not properly bonded at the time of manufacture, which led the tread eventually to separate from the tire casing. When this occurs, the tire suffers a catastrophic failure, sending the car out of control, Gsanger explained.

“Our trial evidence included devastating testimony from plant employees who saw dangerous and defective tires shipped out to the public because they were rushed to meet their quotas,” he said.“Workers told us the plant's motto was ‘Round and black and out the back,' which referred to the plant's careless manufacturing practices and failure to enforce quality control standards,” he added.

“Up to 400 deaths and thousands of injuries are caused by defective tires each year. Most of these crashes involve a rollover, which is by far the most dangerous kind of crash in terms of consequences for drivers and passengers,” said Gsanger, who litigates defective tire cases across the U.S.

Texas Students Die When Goodyear Tire Fails

Gsanger represented the family of college-bound student Kerrybeth Hall, who died, along with Mathew Smith, both of Port Lavaca, Texas, when Smith's Ford Pickup crashed near Pecos, TX, August 1, 2011. Evidence showed the tread on the Wrangler's Silent Armor tire had separated. The families reached a confidential settlement with Goodyear.

The Michigan verdict was rendered October 5, 2015, following a two-week trial in the Circuit Court for Berrien County, Michigan. The case is 12-0336-NP, Harishkumar Patel v. Goodyear Tire Co.

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