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Does Workers’ Comp Pay for Retraining?

Posted on in Work Place Injuries

If you suffer a severe injury at work, you may wonder what is included in the compensation you may recover. Unfortunately, your injury may force you to change your position at work. One thing you may need is compensation to cover the cost of retraining.

It's important to know what you can recover, especially if you need to stop working. If you are able to return to work in a different capacity than you once had, you can seek compensation that pays for occupational training programs to get you back into a different job.

Occupational Training

In workers' compensation claims, most people think of the benefits they receive to cover the costs of personal and emotional therapy. However, you can also receive training that helps to prep you for any future positions you may try to apply for. Retraining is beneficial for both you and any future employer. Here's how:

  • Employee benefits:
    • Retraining adds on to the skills you already have to do something different.
    • You can learn soft skills that are easily transferable to different positions.
    • You can get a new role with an opportunity to earn an income equal to or more than your previous salary.
  • Employer benefits:
    • Employers are more confident hiring you and knowing that you have obtained skills relative to their opportunities.
    • Employers know you are more up to speed regarding skills, information, and process.

As an injured worker, you can gain new skills that let you rejoin the workforce. If you suffer permanent total disability, you may be unable to return to the workplace. However, if your employer is willing to give you another position, retraining may help, and getting workers' compensation can help you recover the costs of it.

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