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Does Workers’ Comp Cover Mental Health?

Posted on in Work Place Injuries

Physical injuries suffered on the job often qualify a person to receive workers' compensation if the following is true:

  • The employer has workers' compensation insurance
  • The employee reported the incident
  • The injury was not the result of a self-inflicted act or while violating workplace policy

While many people wonder if they qualify for workers' compensation because of physical pain, some people dealing with mental health problems have the same concern. Here are some essential things you should know:

Workers' Compensation Insurance Can Cover Mental Health Illnesses

In Texas, some mental health issues can qualify you for workers' compensation. These are typically mental health issues that impact your ability to perform your job in the same capacity. It's often complex to show that mental illness exists.

If your employer doesn't have workers' compensation insurance, it can make receiving compensation even more challenging. You may find yourself going through a third-party lawsuit, but this can be tougher to pursue.

Proving Mental Illnesses in Workers' Comp Matters

It can be a complicated process to pursue workers' compensation for mental illness. In some situations, you may have to prove that the mental illness came from work-related trauma. For instance, an accident at work causes significant post-traumatic stress, preventing you from performing the actions of your position.

In the event you're unable to work because of your mental health problems, you should speak with a lawyer about your options. You should understand your ability to pursue workers' compensation for the benefits you need. It starts with understanding your employers' insurance coverage and proving that your mental illness came from a work-related incident and prevents you from working.

Our Corpus Christi workers' compensation lawyers help you understand what is necessary to pursue benefits following a mental health illness. You should be able to recover benefits when you are unable to work. Our team at The Edwards Law Firm will stand by your side to help you pursue compensation.

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