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Corpus Christi oilfield accident lawyerA United States Department of Justice statement issued earlier this year states that a federal grand jury in Midland, Texas, charged an oil industry company and its vice president with obstructing a federal job safety investigation and violating federal clean air laws. The indictment alleged that violations of federal safe water laws and false statements made on forms documenting the company’s injection wells’ mechanical integrity, as well as three other job safety crimes, were responsible for the deaths of two employees overcome by hydrogen sulfide at a facility in Odessa.

In 2019, attorneys in Houston filed a lawsuit against the company and related entities on behalf of the families of the two victims. That oil field accident lawsuit came almost immediately after the United States Chemical Safety Board (CSB) said it found multiple safety issues at the site where the deaths occurred.

Best Oil Field Safety Practices

Everybody knows that oil field work is a grueling profession that takes a tremendous toll on a person’s health. None of that means people should be placing their lives in immediate danger, however, so employers need to take steps to help improve worker safety on job sites.


Corpus Christi oil field injury attorneyThere is no question that oil field work is tough. It is physically demanding and the hours are long. You may be away from your home and your loved ones for extended periods of time. You are working with dangerous and combustible chemicals all day, every day. Accidents happen in oil fields all the time. Fires, explosions, and falls are very common. 

There is another, more insidious, risk that oil field workers face: illness caused by chemical exposure. If you have been experiencing respiratory problems, cognitive difficulties, chronic headaches, cardiovascular issues, or other unexplained symptoms, it could be because you were not adequately protected around hazardous chemicals. Any strange symptoms should be thoroughly evaluated by a doctor. If your illness was caused by your job, you may be eligible to recover compensation through Workers’ Compensation or by pursuing a lawsuit if your employer is a non-subscriber. 

Illness Caused by Chemical Exposure in the Oil Industry

The risk of developing a chemical-related illness can be mitigated by wearing proper PPE at all times. However, even if you take the right steps, you could still be at risk. Dangerous chemicals you may be exposed to and the illnesses they cause include: 


After suffering an injury at work, your head is probably swirling with questions. You may ask yourself:

  • How will I continue to pay for my family's everyday living expenses?
  • Will my medical benefits be suspended while I'm out of work?
  • Can I lose my job over my work-related injury?

Fortunately, workers' compensation insurance protects most Texas employees from going without an income due to an on-the-job injury to help pay for everyday living expenses.

Additionally, you will not lose the medical benefits provided by your employer while you're out of work recovering from your injury and it is highly illegal for your employer to fire you for suffering an injury at work.


After suffering a work-related injury or illness, you may wonder whether you can receive your benefits in a one-time lump sum payment rather than having compensation provided to you on a regular basis.

There are many reasons why you may want to have your settlement paid this way, but it's important to understand the implications of making such a decision.

Texas Workers' Compensation Lump Sum Payment

According to §408.128 of the Texas Workers' Compensation Act, you are allowed to receive your impairment income benefits as a lump sum payment if you've returned to work for at least three months. In order to qualify, you must have earned at least 80% of your average weekly wage.


If you suffer a severe injury at work, you may wonder what is included in the compensation you may recover. Unfortunately, your injury may force you to change your position at work. One thing you may need is compensation to cover the cost of retraining.

It's important to know what you can recover, especially if you need to stop working. If you are able to return to work in a different capacity than you once had, you can seek compensation that pays for occupational training programs to get you back into a different job.

Occupational Training

In workers' compensation claims, most people think of the benefits they receive to cover the costs of personal and emotional therapy. However, you can also receive training that helps to prep you for any future positions you may try to apply for. Retraining is beneficial for both you and any future employer. Here's how:

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