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Ford says 680,000 of its late-model vehicles may have defective seat belts and has urged owners to bring them in for repair. At least two injuries have been linked to the defect, which involves seat belt anchor pretensioners that can overheat and cause the cable to snap during deployment in a crash. Crashes involving deaths or serious injury should be investigated for potential links to defective safety features or tires.

Ford models affected by the seat belt recall are:

  • Ford Fusion 2013-2016
  • Lincoln MKZ 2013-2015
  • Ford Mondeo 2015-2016

Ford said it would notify vehicle owners and repair the affected vehicles free of charge. However, if you bought one of these vehicles used, you may not get an official notification, but you still qualify for a free repair. To find out if your vehicle is affected by this recall, go here and type in your vehicle's VIN number. Questions? Ford's customer service number is 1 (800) 392-3673.


Details Regarding the Accident

The families of four oil field workers killed in a crash involving an 18-wheeler and reckless construction hazards have settled their lawsuits, announced their attorney Billy Edwards of The Edwards Law Firm in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Killed in the April 9, 2014 crash were Reynaldo “Rene” Jimenez, 19, of Skidmore, and Daniel Arredondo, 29, Richard Cuevas, Jr. 33, and Pedro Longoria, 30, all of Beeville. Their families had filed lawsuits against Con-Way Truckload, Inc., owner of the 18-wheeler and their truck's driver, Paul Garin, and Anderson Columbia Co. Inc, the construction company working on the road.


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Buyer beware: certain lawyers should not be hired. You can tell who they are because of they:

1) Show up at your home, hospital room, or funeral home – or send someone else (called a runner) – right after an accident. This way of getting legal business is called barratry, and it is illegal. In Texas, it is a felony. If a lawyer is willing to commit a crime to get your business, do you really want to hire a criminal as your lawyer?

2) Show up (or send a runner) to a relative's home and offer that relative an expensive gift for getting you to sign him or her up as your lawyer. This is also barratry.

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