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corpus christi personal injury attorneyWorking in the oil or gas industry is dangerous no matter what, but appropriate safety precautions can prevent accidental injuries and deaths in the oil fields or on oil rigs. When you are working in an already dangerous career, it is doubly important that your employer takes all the necessary safety measures to protect the lives and health of everyone on the job site. When they do not, fires and explosions can result and workers can be seriously injured or killed. If you were hurt by a fire or explosion in an oil field, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to find out if you may be entitled to compensation. 

What Are the Common Causes of Fires and Explosions in the Oil and Gas Industries? 

Fires and explosions are two of the biggest dangers in the oil and gas industries. They can happen very suddenly and be devastating. Common causes include: 

  • Low Ventilation - When people are working with flammable gases, a job site must have adequate ventilation in good working order to prevent that gas from building up and potentially combusting. 


Corpus Christi car accident lawyerMost of the time, car accidents take place because one or more drivers act negligently, such as by committing traffic violations, behaving aggressively, or failing to follow the correct safety precautions while behind the wheel. Victims of car wrecks, who may suffer serious injuries and extensive property damage, may take steps to pursue financial compensation from a negligent driver who caused a collision. Distracted driving is one of the most common forms of driver negligence, and it can significantly increase the chances that a driver will collide with other vehicles or strike a pedestrian or bicyclist.

Dangers of Distracted Driving

There are many different distractions that can affect drivers. Some of these distractions are well-known, and many states have passed laws meant to prevent these types of behaviors. For example, Texas law states that texting or sending electronic messages while driving is illegal. A person who uses a cell phone or another device to read or send messages may be charged with a misdemeanor offense, and they may face fines or other penalties.

There are multiple other issues that can cause distractions for a driver, and anything that causes a person to look away from the road or divert their attention from driving can be very dangerous. These distractions may include eating and drinking, looking in a mirror to adjust makeup or hair, shaving, making adjustments to a vehicle’s radio or other controls, talking with passengers, reaching for objects on a car’s seats or floor, turning around to deal with children in the vehicle, or even talking on the phone while using a hands-free device.


Being injured in an accident can be incredibly stressful and traumatic, especially if the other driver caused the accident. However, just because you know that you didn't do anything wrong does not mean much unless you and your attorney can prove so when filing a claim.

Every car accident is different from the next one. In some cases, determining liability may be relatively straightforward. However, there are some case accident cases where determining and proving who is at fault is more tricky. Ultimately, the insurance companies of both drivers involved may claim that the other driver was the one who caused the accident.

Because of this, it's essential to understand how to protect your rights from the moment of the accident to ensure that you are not wrongfully determined to be at fault.


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As one of the largest states in the nation, Texas has some of the longest stretches of roads running through it. In 2019, the annual vehicle miles traveled in Texas reached 286.268 billion, an increase of 1.5% over the 282.037 billion traveled in 2018.

Each year, the Texas Department of Transporation releases crash data from the year prior. We gathered the newest data from the agency, and here's how car crash data broke down in 2019:

  • 1 person was killed every 2 hours 26 minutes


In traumatic accidents, such as severe car accidents or motorcycle accidents, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a common result. These injuries can be severe If someone suffers any sort of trauma to their head, they should seek immediate medical attention. Getting the right care for these injuries requires a proper medical diagnosis from a healthcare professional.

The Glasgow Coma Scale

The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is a 15-point scale that doctors use to initially assess the severity of a brain injury. The scale will assess an individual's ability to follow directions, speak, and move their eyes and limbs The higher the GCS score, the less severe injuries:

  • Mild TBI: GCS score of 13 to 15

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