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corpus christi truck accident lawyerIn June of 2021, Texas lawmakers made it more difficult for individuals who have been injured in accidents involving large commercial trucks to hold trucking companies accountable for any role they may have played in such collisions. Texas law now requires that most injury victims navigate a bifurcated lawsuit system that is unique to the resolution of truck accident cases. 

It is important to avoid being discouraged by this turn of events because truck accident injury victims still remain empowered to seek significant compensation under various circumstances. Yet, it is also important to understand the challenges that this system poses so that injury victims can be better prepared to weather its ups and downs successfully. 

Why Was This Reform Enacted?

The legislative bill analysis for this reform indicates that concerns about frivolous lawsuits inspired the change. While creating “a fair framework” is cited as one rationale for the bill, the authors also explicitly state that the reform protects commercial motor vehicle operators from so-called “unjust and excessive lawsuits.” It is, therefore, perhaps unsurprising that this tiered legal process favors trucking companies and places significant burdens on injury victims who have chosen to pursue compensation. 


Nueces County personal injury attorneyMany northerners are under the impression that wintertime in Texas is balmy. Yet, even the most temperate of the state’s climates can dip into freezing temperatures, especially at night. The yo-yo effect of warming and freezing temperatures can be uniquely dangerous for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, as it can lead to surface hazards such as black ice.

Texas property owners are generally required to take steps to mitigate the risk that any guests, visitors, and even trespassers on their property will suffer harm as a result of predictable hazardous conditions. Unfortunately, all too often, both residential and commercial property owners neglect this duty. When individuals are injured due to slip and fall scenarios as a result of this negligence, recklessness, or intentionally dangerous conduct, those injury victims may be empowered to sue the offending property owners for damages.

When Are Slip and Fall Injuries Legally Actionable?

Generally speaking, Texas property owners can be held liable for harm if a guest or visitor suffers physical injuries because the property owner failed to reasonably address the risk of harm caused by a hazardous condition on their property that the owner either knew about or should have known about.


Corpus Christi product liability attorneysThe vast majority of car accidents are caused by negligent driving such as speeding, driving while intoxicated, or simply not paying attention to the road. In fact, an estimated 94 percent of crashes are caused by human error. However, sometimes a car accident can be caused by a defect in one of the vehicle's components. In these cases, it may be possible for an injured party to take legal action against the designer, manufacturer, or distributor of the defective part in order to recover damages.

Basics of Product Liability Claims

Companies that design, build, and sell consumer products are held to certain quality standards. If a defective product such as a defective steering mechanism or defective brake system causes a crash, the party or parties responsible for the defect may be required to pay damages to the crash victims.

It can be extremely difficult to prove that a defective vehicle component caused an accident. It is important to have a qualified attorney review the facts of the case and determine whether filing a product liability claim is appropriate.


Corpus Christi car crash lawyer Car accidents happen every day, and most are minor “fender benders” after which parties walk away relatively unscathed. However, some accidents leave victims with catastrophic injuries that they never fully recover from. Loss of a limb is one of the most traumatic injuries a person can suffer because of a crash. Individuals who have lost an arm or leg not only face months, if not years, of medical and rehabilitative treatment, they also face a life that differs dramatically from the life they used to live.

If you or someone you care about lost a limb because of a car accident, read on to learn about your legal options.

Insurance Claims Involving Dismemberment or Amputation

When a limb is severely damaged in an accident, doctors may be unable to save the limb. In some cases, they are forced to amputate. The costs associated with surgery, hospital care, physical therapy, medications, and other medical needs are often astronomical. Typically, the first avenue for seeking financial compensation is the at-fault party’s insurance company. However, insurance companies are interested in protecting their bottom line. Many insurers are quick to offer a settlement after a severe crash, but the offer rarely covers all of the victim’s past and future crash-related expenses.


Corpus Christi personal injury lawyerAs we enter fall and get ready for winter, there is little doubt that people will be encountering more wet and dangerous surfaces that can lead to slip and fall accidents. Early last month, a Kiewit Offshore Services worker was found dead after falling from a platform into the La Quinta Channel.

In February 2022, a woman who slipped and fell at a Brookshire Brothers grocery store on Memorial Day weekend in 2020 was awarded $1.325 million by a jury in Orange County, Texas. As common as slip and fall accidents can be, negligent property owners and their insurance companies often adamantly oppose any suggestion they are to blame for a person’s injuries and many people instead deal with accusations that they were the parties at fault for their own injuries.

How Slip and Fall Claims Work in Texas

Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code section 16.003, a person must bring suit for a personal injury claim no later than two years from the date of an accident. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations, and there are only a few exceptions to the statute of limitations (such as when a victim is a minor), so it is important for any person who suffers slip and fall injuries to quickly retain legal counsel.

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