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Nueces County personal injury lawyerOne of the first things most people want to know after being injured in a motor vehicle accident is whose fault it was. The problem with car crashes caused by motor vehicle defects is that it can make it very hard, initially, to figure out who is responsible for the accident. It may look like the other driver was responsible if brake failure caused him to run a red light. It may look like the crash was your fault if your tire blew and sent you careening into oncoming traffic. In both cases, it is quite likely that neither driver was at fault - however, a driver who knowingly fails to maintain his vehicle in a safe condition may be at least partially liable.

If something seems off about your accident and you suspect that a defective car part may have played a role, it is worth investigating further. Our attorneys can help with this. 

What Common Defective Car Parts Lead to Crashes?

After a crash caused by a motor vehicle defect, you may have more than one option for pursuing compensation. Anyone from the original manufacturer of the part that failed, to a mechanic who carelessly installed it so that it would not function correctly, to a driver who failed to perform repairs they knew their vehicle needed could be liable. Common dangerous vehicle defects include: 


Corpus Christi personal injury lawyerStaying in a hotel while traveling can be a lovely experience. When a hotel stay goes nicely, it can feel like being in a home away from home. Many people prefer having their own space in a hotel room to staying with friends or relatives during a visit. However, a hotel stay can also be disastrous. Hotel operators have a duty to keep their rooms and common areas reasonably safe for their guests and visitors. Not all hotels take this duty as seriously as they should.

Whether you are staying in a budget roadside motel or a five-star resort, you deserve safe accommodations. In many cases, the hotel could be held financially liable for the harm that came to you while you were staying there under premises liability laws. A lot will depend on the specific situation that led to your injuries. If you were injured in a hotel, you will need to contact an attorney who can assess your case. 

What Types of Accidents and Injuries Are Common in Hotels?

There are quite a few potential sources of danger when you are staying in a hotel, from dangerous appliances in the rooms to food poisoning in the breakfast buffet. A few common dangers hotel guests may be susceptible to include: 


Corpus Christi car crash lawyersAfter you get hurt by a careless driver, your situation can seem overwhelming. You have follow-up doctor’s appointments. You are missing work. You might be relying on your family or friends to help out around the house. You are getting bombarded by phone calls from insurance companies. Insurance wants a statement about what happened, and they keep asking for documentation - the police report, medical records, medical bills, proof of income and work absences. The whole time, you are in pain. There are about a million things going on when you want to rest and heal in peace. Pretty soon, you may just want this whole thing to be over with, so you are tempted to take the next settlement offer just to close this unfortunate chapter of your life. 

Doing so might be a mistake. It is important to speak with your own attorney before you consider taking a settlement offer. 

Why Should I Avoid Taking a Settlement Shortly After the Crash?

It might seem like it would be very convenient to get a quick settlement. When you are injured and getting medical bills now, it might seem like it makes sense to get a settlement now. Keep in mind, however - a quick settlement is even more convenient for the insurance company. Whether you are recovering damages from your own insurance company or the at-fault driver’s, they would not be offering these instant-cash settlements if it was not in their best interests. 


Corpus Christi premises liability lawyersChildren rely on adults to keep them safe. Anyone who has ever been tasked with watching a very young child knows how easily little ones can put themselves into dangerous situations if they are able to. Texas’s attractive nuisance law is designed to protect children who wander onto another person’s property, whether they are invited or not. Unfortunately, some dangerous objects and man-made conditions can attract children who do not fully understand the dangers. Children may trespass when they are lured by something that seems fun. When adults fail to prepare for this possibility, sadly, children can get hurt. 

If your child was harmed due to a dangerous object on another person’s property, you may be able to recover compensation for their injuries. Contacting a premises liability lawyer is a good first step.

What is the Definition of an Attractive Nuisance? 

An attractive nuisance is a man-made object or condition that simultaneously threatens the safety of children and draws them to it. Examples include: 


corpus christi car crash lawyerYou probably have a lot on your plate after a car accident. You may be scrambling to get your vehicle repaired or replaced on top of dealing with the claims process. Seeing a health care provider may not appear on your to-do list if you were able to walk away from the accident, but maybe it should. Some types of injuries caused by car accidents are not as immediately obvious as a broken arm or laceration. Delayed injuries are a genuine risk after auto accidents. 

The sooner any possible injuries are caught and addressed, the better your health outcome could be, and the stronger your claim could become. If you were hurt in a car accident, an attorney can offer you further advice on how to move forward and preserve your claim. 

Why is Getting Medical Attention so Important After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

The powerful forces often involved in car crashes can cause a wide range of injuries in a multitude of ways. It is not always abundantly clear after a car accident whether you are injured, and to what extent. Being promptly evaluated by a medical professional can not only help you, but help your case. Reasons you may want to seek medical care after a car accident include: 

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