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One of the most serious, yet lesser known, types of medical malpractice is medication error. This occurs far more than people think but they may be unaware that it is considered an error. However, if they do occur, they can cause significant dangers to the patient.

Understanding what medication errors can be, how they happen, and how they can cause harm can help you understand your rights to pursue compensation. Check out some of the things you should know below.

What are Medication Errors?

Medication errors can occur in the following ways:


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Surgery is a medical procedure that is supposed to help a patient whenever they have a damaging condition or suffer significant injury. Never should there be situations in which the patient suffers significantly harmful repercussions of having surgery for their problems.

Unfortunately, these types of errors happen and can be harmful to a patient. If you've been a victim of a surgical error, know that you have specific rights to hold the parties responsible for the harm they've caused you. Here are the different types of surgical errors that can occur.

Surgery Performed On the Wrong Person

There are times when miscommunication can occur on a patient's chart or in the hospital's system. Unfortunately, this can lead to a patient undergoing surgery they don't need for an injury or illness they don't have. This is typically a result of misdiagnosis, but it can lead to significant harm when the wrong person is operated on by the doctor.


A person harmed by medical malpractice is rightfully upset because it involves a party you expected to trust with your care and health causing you significant harm because of their negligence. Not only that, medical malpractice is one of the more complicated areas of law because of the many legal complications that come with it.

Nobody should ever have to go through this type of situation, but it does happen. For anyone who has ever been affected by medical negligence, it's important to understand how the law looks at medical malpractice, what actions can be considered part of it, and the rights of patients who sustain harm as a result.

How Does the Law Define Medical Malpractice and How Do I Prove It?

Medical malpractice is defined by law as any act performed by a medical professional or medical facility that is outside the medical standard of care and that causes a patient harm or results in a patient being severely injured. This can also include inactions of the medical facility (e.g., failing to provide sufficient security and a patient being a victim of assault).

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