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Three crashes and more than 140 complaints have prompted a federal investigation into a potentially serious brake issue with Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan cars manufactured between 2007 and 2009. Owners have complained that after the anti-lock brakes activate, brake pedals go “soft” and travel all the way to the floorboard, making it difficult to stop the vehicle. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it will investigate the hydraulic control units of both models. NHTSA estimates there are 475,000 of these model cars on the road. Based on what safety investigators discover, the preliminary investigation could be expanded, could be closed or NHTSA could decide a safety defect is present and the best course of action would be to recall the cars. Ford is cooperating in the investigation, according to NHTSA. Consumers with similar complaints can file a complaint at Safercar.Gov

GITI Tire and Continental Tire have recalled a combined 265,000 tires for potential defects increasing the risk of a crash. The voluntary recall affects a range of vehicle types.

Continental Recall

The Continental recall involves 14,567 passenger tires installed as original equipment on certain GM full-size truck and SUVs, and a small portion was sold in tire replacement markets in the U.S. According to Continental, potential contamination during the manufacturing process may result in a lack of adhesion, which could cause partial or complete tread or belt loss to the tire, increasing the risk of loss of vehicle control and crash. Specifically affected are certain P275/55R20 111S CrossContact LX20 tires produced at the company's Mt. Vernon, Illinois, plant between May 3 and May 9, 2015.

Continental will notify owners and will make available replacement tires free of charge. For more information, including instructions for identifying recalled tires, locating participating dealers, or general inquiries, go to continentaltire.custhelp.com or call at 1-888-799-2168.

GITI Tire (USA) Recall

GITI Tire (USA) is recalling 250,620 imported tires manufactured in Indonesia. According to the company, a defect causes cracks in the lower sidewall, causing air to leak out. Sudden loss of air can cause tire failure, increasing the risk of a crash. Affected are various sizes of:


When Jewel Brangman drove off in her rental car in San Diego last August, she made the assumption – as most of us do – that the vehicle she was driving was safe. But it was literally a ticking time bomb.

Days later during a crash, the driver's side airbag in the 2001 Honda Civic exploded, showering her with shrapnel and killing her at the age of 26.

Her death could have been prevented if either the used car dealer that sold the vehicle to the rental agency, or the rental agency, had been required to check the car's VIN number for any open recalls and make any necessary repairs before handing over the keys. The airbags in Jewel's rental had been under a highly publicized recall since 2009.


(Corpus Christi, TX) – The Edwards Law Firm has won a $16 million verdict for a client paralyzed when a defective tire failed on the Nissan Pathfinder he was driving, flipping the car into a ditch.

Harry Patel, 59, of Ohio, was rendered a quadriplegic after the tread separated on the Pathfinder's right rear all-terrain tire, causing the crash July 6, 2012, near St. Joseph, Michigan.

The tire came from the same Goodyear manufacturing plant in Fayetteville, NC that was the focus of an earlier lawsuit involving the deaths of two Texas students after a similar tire failure. Firm partner John Gsanger represented the students' families and helped represent the Michigan crash victim.


While enjoying a boating trip with her friends, a 15-year-old girl drowned when she was exposed to carbon monoxide, an odorless gas emitted from the boat's motor while she and her friends held on to the back of the boat. Unfortunately, she wasn't wearing a life jacket and, after she fell unconscious, she dropped into the water and drowned.

During the Texas heat, many people enjoy the cool relief of a day at the pool or going out on the lake. While we love to see folks having fun around the water, we also want to promote the safe enjoyment of these activities.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer that poses a huge risk for unsuspecting boaters and passengers. When the engine is on, whether or not the boat is in motion, the gas is present. When inhaled, it replaces the oxygen in your blood stream and can become fatal within minutes.

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