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Can Auto Defects Cause Accidents?

Posted on in Car Accidents

When it comes to liability in a car accident, most people believe that at least one of the parties at the scene of the crash is at fault. However, there are some situations in which a third party may be responsible long before the accident occurs.

An accident can happen because of an auto defect when a manufacturer does not take the necessary precautions to keep the public safe. Whether a part encounters a manufacturing error, design defect, or failure to warn, auto defects cause a significant car accident and result in severe injuries.

Brake Failure

One situation that may result from an auto defect is brake failure. Drivers rely on their brakes as much as any other part of their vehicle to keep them safe. When something goes wrong with a vehicle's brakes, it's nearly impossible for a driver to prevent a car accident.

In some situations, brake failure may come from a lack of maintenance. However, if the brakes are faulty from the moment they left the manufacturer, it is the company responsible for producing the auto part that becomes the defendant in a liability lawsuit.

Tire Blowout

While many drivers experience a tire blowout because the tread has worn down, this is not always the case. Tire blowouts can result from tread separation caused by a manufacturing error or by a marketing error in which a company advertises a used tire as new.

An auto defect creates a situation of third-party liability in which both parties involved in an auto accident may file a claim against the responsible company. If both parties in an accident suffer injuries, the company is liable for both parties' damages.

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