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4 Top Causes of Truck Accidents in Nueces County

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Corpus Christi truck accident lawyersOut of all the types of accidents you can get into on the road, crashes involving commercial trucks can be some of the most severe. These enormous vehicles can cause quite a lot of damage very quickly even in a relatively minor impact. Injuries sustained during a trucking crash tend to be on the more serious side. Personal vehicles can do very little to protect its occupants when it gets hit by a commercial truck. Because of how much damage a large truck can cause, drivers have a very important responsibility to avoid negligent habits that can lead to a wreck. If you were injured by a truck driver who was not operating his vehicle responsibly, an attorney may be able to recover damages on your behalf. 

What Careless Habits Can Lead to an Accident?

Truck drivers can easily pick up a careless driving habit. They spend long hours on the road and run the risk of becoming complacent. Accidents often happen when the driver least expects it. In many cases, a lawyer can investigate and reveal some type of negligence on the driver’s part. Common types of errors lawyers find include: 

  • Cell phone use - When a truck driver spends his entire work day and then some behind the wheel, it can become very tempting to carry on a text conversation, or to pick up a phone to adjust the music or find a podcast. A commercial truck driver does not need to take his eyes off the road for very long to cause a devastating crash. 
  • Hours of service violations - There are strict federal and state laws that truck drivers must follow governing how long they can drive without a break. This is to prevent drivers from becoming excessively fatigued and making a critical error or even falling asleep at the wheel. 
  • Speeding - Some truck companies have taken to installing devices on their trucks to prevent speeding. Others have not. Drivers are often on a tight schedule and may resort to speeding in order to get to their destination faster. 
  • Drug use - Most companies require their drivers to submit to drug tests, but this does not stop some drivers. Stimulants are a popular choice among truck drivers who must remain alert for long periods of time, although alcohol and other drugs are not entirely uncommon either. 

What type of negligence the driver who hit you might have been engaging in often is not apparent at the scene. You may need assistance from a skilled attorney investigator. 

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