Effecting Change Through Defective Consumer Product Lawsuits







Dangerous or defective products cause injury to countless numbers of consumers each year across the country. Design defects, manufacturing defects and misrepresentations in warning labels are the most common forms or negligence that often result in harm or injury. These defects need to be exposed to the general public and fixed appropriately.

Our national firm has proven experience taking care of our clients by suing the companies and manufacturers responsible for dangerous or defective consumer products. These include baby and children’s toys, dangerous lighters, gas stoves and infant car seats.

Our first goal is to get our seriously injured or killed clients and their families fairly compensated for their losses.

Our second goal is to get defective or mislabeled consumer products off the market, or enact changes in consumer law. Our entire team is seriously committed to public safety – we don’t want anyone else to experience the tragedies our clients have experienced.

Child Restraint Defects

There are many expenses associated with having children, and, naturally, many of those dollars go toward keeping the young child safe through baby proofing a house, or investing in a sturdy crib. Most important is finding a suitable car seat that meets federal safety standards but also allows the seat to change and grow as your child does.

Unexpected problems can arise with car seats when restraints come unbuckled or the seats do not adequately protect the child during an accident. Furthermore, the materials used to construct the car seat can play a role in causing serious injury or death. It is advised that car seats have a metal reinforced frame to protect the occupant during an accident, also proper head and neck supports are required to prevent brain and spine injuries. Child seat recalls are happening every day, so stay tuned to our website for more information as we get it.

Defective Products from Overseas

It is a well-known fact that America imports products from overseas every day, however the safety standards abroad are not as stringent as in the U.S. Potentially dangerous products are arriving to our doorsteps daily with little knowledge on what harm could come to you or your family as you use the product.

Edwards Law Firm has successfully tried cases related to unsafe products originating from overseas. In one particular instance, a batch of lighters from China had a defect that seriously burned the user, resulting in hospital visits for a few children. Our firm tried the case, and successfully took the defective products off the market and held the manufacturer responsible for damages caused by their product. In the process, Edwards Law Firm was able to influence safety standards for imported products in an effort to prevent injuries like these from occurring again.