March 2017 Recall Overview

Air Bag Issue Sparks GM Recall of Older Sports Cars

General Motors is recalling 107,000 older sports cars worldwide because a faulty sensor can disable the front passenger air bag.

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Air Bag, Console Issues Prompt Mercedes-Benz Recalls Affecting Nearly 20,000 Cars

Mercedes-Benz has recalled 12,456 E-Class 2017 vehicles because of improper installation of the occupant detection unit. These units may mistakenly believe cargo or a child seat is occupying the front passenger seat and deactivate the air bag, dramatically increasing the risk of injury to any adult in the seat.

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Drive Shaft Problem Sparks BMW Recall of 2011-2012 Vehicles

BMW has announced a recall of 8,700 older model vehicles because the rear driveshaft constant velocity (CV) joint may fatigue and break.

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